5 November 2014

Face Of The Day - Red Matte Lipstick

One of the many souvenirs I got from Uzbekistan was this red matte lipstick by the brand Golden Rose.
I am very familiar with this Turkish makeup (mostly lipstick?) brand, since it´s a cheap brand sold in many Israeli pharmacies. I couldn´t find in anywhere in Berlin and was excited to see it in Uzbekistan.
This matte red came from their matte (duh..) series which I haven´t encountered in Israel before. I was desperately looking for a good, deep red matte lipstick for a while. 

Absolutely love this necklace combination.
There is no info about Golden Rose being a cruelty free brand, so unfortunately I cannot say anything about that. I own 4 different Golden Rose shades by now and I promise to do a lipstick collection at some point in my life to show you how beautiful their lipsticks are.
Their lipsticks are full of pigment and very creamy too, which is essential for my always dry lips. Even this matte is not dry at all, which is a major plus.

I had to slightly edit the picture to show the color´s full potential. Sorry for the low quality photos.

N. Finsternis


  1. i'm a fan of matte lipsticks myself. and damn, everyone's been redesigning their page lately! I've been meaning to forever. Like the new look.

    1. Yeah I´ve been wanting to have it darker again and to give it a descent diy feel. because I´m so diy obviously. glad you like it!

  2. Thanks for the post! There are plenty of Golden Rose shops in Poland and since I'm looking for a cheap matte lipstick, I'll take a look at their offer.