15 November 2014

Face Of The Night - much elegant, very cleavage

We went to a pub yesterday, this was my makeup:

Kind of went overboard with the pronzer, but what the hell.
I am currently growing out some hairs in the beginning of my brows to shape them better. Somehow the left brow always looks weak.

My lipstick for this look is a dark shade of plum by an Israeli brand called Careline. They are cruelty free and their lipsticks are my absolute favorite. This one is going to run out soon (in like a year or so), need to ask my mom to buy me some.

Restocking on eyeliner recently, I could finally ditch the awfully uncomfortable liquid eyeliner that I had and buy some gel liner. I had gel liner before but it dried really fast. The reason I´ve decided to buy it again is because of the super easy application. I hate liquid eyeliner. I always contour my lower lash line and liquid eyeliner always sticks to them, staining my fingers after I wipe off each lash.

I put mousse in my hair. Can you tell? I couldn´t...
This wonderful ring necklace was given to me by my aunt from Uzbekistan. I usually wear it a lot higher, but yesterday was a "velvet v-cut tank top outfit" kind of mode.
I am thinking of taking pictures of my face with my camera again and not with my phone. Then again, the lighting in my house is so bad the phone actually makes it look better. Never underestimate a phone camera, that´s what I say.

On we continue our weekend with another The Wings Of Desire gig. I am excited!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


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