13 December 2014

Face of the night: braid hair

much punk, very contrast-saturated edit. I got inspired by Marika´s latest selfies!
Last night I sat at the entrance to a Totenwald gig, they played together with Dividing Lines from Leipzig in the infamous squat, Köpi. Unlike usually the concert was held in the basement of the place which was horrifyingly cold. I may look oh so stylish in the photo, but I never got out of my winter coat the entire evening! 

I was happy to help with djing after the gigs as well, and to finally blast some multi-cultural post punk! I had so much fun during last night putting music that I like, we all danced, my set got sabotaged by some italo disco towards the end (thanks, Trish!) and we even listened to some German rap after my set ended thanks to the punks at the bar. That should have been filmed on video, but unfortunately wasn´t.

Hair obviously didn´t stay in braid for more than 5 min. I missed doing black eyebrows!

Also, for some reason, taking part in subculture related events makes me beyond satisfied and happy, as if I have been dreaming to do just that (and I know I haven´t thought it to be possible while living in Israel). So I do hope to DJ, sit at the entrance and contribute in any way I can for future events, which are all being organized by friends anyway so if you won´t do it yourself, whoever will?!

Weekend continues tonight with a movie night at a friends´ place. Have a delightful weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. I wish my hair was long enough to braid! Seems like a lot of fun to volunteering for those events.

    1. I wish my hair was longer to braid into 2 braids, but they always lay stiffly on my shoulders hehe.