25 January 2015

Youthitude Zine fest

This weekend we´ve been to a local zine fest, hosted in a squat which I haven´t visited before called Villa Curiosum. I was really excited to go to this event since:

  1. I have never held a zine in my hand.
  2. After discovering Copehnagen´s zine fest and reading one of the issues online I got very interested in the idea of making a zine myself. 
Since I haven´t been apart of this community the whole concept of a zine really made me curious. I think that it is a wonderful way to express ones creativity in many different ways. Much like writing a blog, you get to edit your layout, set your themes and share your thoughts with the world.

I love when a zine has an interesting design or idea to it. A lot of the zines featured in the fest were either political or featured photographs or illustrations. 
I bought one which is a collection of artworks from various illustrators. I was really attracted to the dark and occult artwork. It was published by Kunst Kabinet. I recommend checking out the link, they make very lovely cabinet of curiosities inspired art.

the back cover and a patch Boris got himself from one of the stalls
they gave me a paper bag with this beautiful illustration. I decided to cut it and tape it to the wall next to my posters.
The venue itself had the same vibe, which is pretty much a small house with a big garden filled with amusing things and a very art-themed interior. I loved this squat especially since most Berlin squats are either concert venues or bars (aside from living spaces of course) and it was nice to see a place so artistic for a change. 

 A squat bathroom is always intriguing, but this one was just fabulous!

I might share with you that I have been thinking of making a post punk/ DIY scene themed zine, where we could share articles about European events and bands (writing about the bands of our friends as well hehe). This idea was suggested by a friend and I hope to make something of it with him together, offering other people from different countries to write about their local scene. I will let you know how this idea develops, I really hope I will have the time and dedication to it. Meanwhile I want to experiment with collage-article formats myself.

We are going there again today (Sunday) for the closing concert, there should be a post punk/ wave band playing. Hope you all had a nice weekend and will have a lovely week to follow!

N. Finsternis


  1. I love those drawings. I really wanted to do a zine when I was younger...there were two zine shops where I grew up and I thought they were pretty cool. keep us posted on your zine!

    1. a zine shop? sounds like there were a lot of zines out there.

  2. Making a zine seems to be an intersting idea!