23 January 2015

My lipstick collection part IV and last - purples and bordeauxs

We´ve made it to the last post! It is now time to reveal my oldest, most favorite and dearest lipsticks. I may have not surprised you with my variety of colors and shades in the last 3 posts, and I cannot promise a change in this one either- a lot of alternative bloggers out there might show you dazzling colors of dark lipsticks from different brands, when in my case I just stick to the same (and in this day and age- relatively average) old products, not thinking once about expanding the collection towards the even more darker tones. But this post is slightly different than the previous, as the mentioned below are quite frankly dear and personal to me.

Like with the reds, some of these shades were tricky to capture on camera, so I apologize for obvious color editing.

1. Giora Shavit - first ever dark lipstick

I think I bought this lipstick when I was 16. One of my first steps into the alternative realm was this dark cherry red, as at one point it occurred to me that one isn´t simply goth without a very dark and dramatic lipstick. Funny though, as I´ve never heard of this Giora guy before or after buying this product at a very random cheap makeup store in my city in Israel. Sadly, it is coming to its end, and I could not imagine my life without it. It´s creamy texture is everything, and when applied too thickly it would smudge on my teeth (still does). This product is my babybat self looking at me and saying: "buying this lipstick has changed my life (for the numerous time)".

2. Golden Rose 111 

I promise you this is the last Golden Rose I will show you. This one is probably about 4 years old, and is sometimes a lot lighter and less red pigmented than it looks on the pictures below. It is a dark shade, I just didn´t manage to caption it properly. I love to wear this shade everyday, as the color is not too interesting for other occasions.

3. Careline in P37, Very Purple (lol much color, such lips)

This is the second Careline lipstick that I have, apart from the brown one. This is a very mysterious shade, and I will tell you why. It was once bought a couple of years ago as I was looking for an "in your face" kind of dark purple. I was amazed how rich in pigment and dramatic this lipstick is, and since it is now unfortunately coming to its bitter end, I asked my mom to buy it for me. However, she said that the lady in the drugstore told her that this number is long since not being manufactured, and I had to ask my mom to buy me a different shade instead, and that´s how I got the brown one. I must have been very lucky to have bought it back then.
This is my number one dark purple, it is also a lot of fun to mix with black, which is something I do very often. This is my to go lipstick; when in doubt- I will put it on.

 4. MAC cyber A11

I bought this one when I was 17 from the MAC store in the airport in Israel. Let me tell you something about this shade, before you all go screaming how gorgeous it is. It´s not, and frankly the only thing I have to say about this product is that it sucks testicles, badly... This amazing color was so transparent from the start, that after 4 fucking coats it still faded away after bringing my lips together just slightly. Mixed with black or on it´s own, it fades like dust and is perhaps the most disappointing lipstick I´ve ever had. Plus, MAC are not cruelty free so fuck this lipstick and fuck them!

I realized I actually forgot one more shade, so I will edit this post in the future!!!
Sorry :/

I did the pictures for this post in one day, and after all the putting on lipstick, wiping it and putting on another my lips felt like after a 3 hour blow job (not that I know how that feels like). Plus, I was sick with a triple herpes on my upper lip while writing these posts, so it´s a good thing I did the pics in advance, right?
All is well now and I have so more fun posts in plan, hope you had fun with this series and by all means share you makeup favorites with us all!

N. Finsternis


  1. Wow I love that purple one, it's hot! I used to have one like it when I was twelve lol. I normally don't wear lipstick, but the other day I caved and bought a purple based burgundy lipstick, I love it. Now I want more purple lipstick lol.

  2. Your favorite purple is really awesome. Also goes great with your hair!