20 January 2015

My lipstick collection part III of IV: Browns + a black one

This would be the shortest post in the series, since I own only 2 shades of brown. I began using browns only last year, thinking at first that brown is such a boring color, but was happy to discover it´s true magic.
I love how browns have this vintage-y look to them, and I love to combine them with a brown smokey eye. I am happy that it looks good with my orange hair too.

1. Golden Rose 110 

I now realize that I have at least one Golden Rose for each shade in my collection! This one however turned out to be a lot brighter than expected, and as I can´t emphasize my love for this brand enough, this shade seems quite transparent when applied and doesn´t last that long, in contrast to the other lipsticks that I have. Weird, I still love it for an everyday look though.

 2. Careline B10 in Bohemian Brown

Careline is an Israeli makeup brand. Thex are cruelty free and I have 2 lipsticks by them. I am really happy about this deep brown, I asked my mom to buy it for me, then she shipped it together with other stuff as a present for the holidays.
This is a very nice brown, stays well and looks this deep with just one coat. The only disadvantage is that Careline are pretty pricey.

3. Random black
dirty fingers, sorry!
Unlike a lot of alternative makeup-using people, I go from the conclusion that there is no one perfect black lipstick in this world. Some people use eyeliner to achieve black lips, some buy expensive glosses or lip stainers, but I stick to this one halloween black since I was like 17. This lipstick is indeed a good number of years old and is so dry you need to scar you lips while applying it.
But- mix it with chapstick and you get the most soothing, soft and cold black there it. It also lasts long despite the chapstick, so I am very happy with this one.

Tip: if you love buying cheapy halloween black lipsticks, I suggest buy the dryest one if you have an option to test it. Soft cheap lipsticks tend to look transparent on the lips, and it´s safer to go with the dry ones since you can always mix them up. 

 I happened to put too much powder foundation on my lips before applying it, that´s why the black looks almost blue. When applied on clean lips it looks a lot warmer.

Next post is the last one in the series featuring my beloved purples/ dark reds. Stay tuned!

N. Finsternis


  1. Ok, you've won me over with the browns. Those look awesome. I'm going to try a few

  2. Lovely shades! I too used to have a brown lipstick that looked a lot like the one you presented second, though it was some weird cheap brand (and its packing looked like the one of your black lipstick) and I too loved to match it with brownish smokey eye make up. :) Just two weeks ago I bought a new even darker brown but have not yet tested how it actually looks on lips. Must do it today!