18 January 2015

My lipstick collection part II of IV: Reds

This would be one of the shortest posts, since I own exactly 3 shades of reds. I have included my orange lipstick here as well, since it fits the color scheme.

Also, the reds were the hardest color to capture on camera, so I apologize if some pictures would be obviously edited, I tried to show the colors as close to reality as possible.

1. Mom´s bright red lipstick from PUPA

This one belonged to my mother, and I stole it from her I believe 5 years ago? No idea how long she had had it, but as you can see it is almost over. This is a very matte, very bright red and, I am not a fan of stereotypes, but it was the shit with blonde hair. It also stayed on forever, but had a horrific taste if you happened to lick it (dunno if it was the result of it being so old).
I rarely wear this shade as it if too intense for me, and often looks more pinkish on photos...
By the way, PUPA are no cruelty free, so I cannot recommend them in that sense, besides it is the only lipstick of this company that I own.

2. Golden Rose Velvet Matte No. 18

I bought this one in Uzbekistan this September, as I didn´t see this series being sold anywhere before. This is my favorite red lipstick, it is very deep, stays on well and very creamy despite being matte. It was super tricky to photograph, as it appears to show a lot brighter than it is on camera, so sorry for the heavy editing.
I feel like I still haven´t captured it´s true color, so maybe I will try to take more pictures of it in the future.

 3. Golden Rose 67

Yet another Golden Rose. One day a few years ago I woke up with the urge to buy an orange lipstick. This is my favorite shade for summer- it´s fun, almost neon and stays in very well. And if the 1st red in this post looked good with my blonde hair, this one was the shit with my black hair! I love to apply green mascara on my lower lashes with this lipstick for that annoying hipster look.
I am not sure how this goes with my orange hair though, but whatever.

4. Manhattan Lips2Last in deep red 

Boris had demonstrated the pink one in the previous post, time for this gorgeous red. As stated before, I only wear cream lipsticks as my lips are way too dry to wear lip strainers. Boris however was really fond of this shade and says that it is long lasting, easy to apply and the texture didn´t bother him either.
I think this color suits his face better than the pink one. I tried to make him do more elegant facial expressions, but alas.

Here is another picture of Boris wearing this lipstick in a different lighting (this time with clothes and a bottle of beer, too). I just thought that this photo is hilarious. Boris wants you to be more sassy!

from Totenwald´s gig in Augsburg (feat. Marcus Bat Cave). Picture taken by Chris Cazzenberger.
Next up are my favorite browns, so stay tuned!

N. Finsternis


  1. Wow that second shade is killer! And I love your necklace in the first. Boris looks awesome in red... Great band picture too

    1. I took all the pictures for the posts in one day, so you´ll be seeing that necklace a lot hehe.