16 January 2015

Lipstick collection part I of IV: Pinks

I love lipsticks, it is my favorite part in my makeup routine. Sometimes I wear a different shade each day, sometimes I stick to one and use specific shades only for going out. I currently own 16 different lipstick shades, which mainly consist of the following colors: pinks, browns, reds and purples/ bordeaux (aside from 2 shades which stray from the lot).
All the lipsticks I own are from a few months till a couple of years old. I have never finished a lipstick and don´t usually go crazy on buying new ones, I rather cherish the ones I have and don´t stray from the usual shades.
This is the first of four posts about my lipstick collection, going gradually from the ones I like towards my favorites.

I do not use lipliner to outline my lips, so don´t be surprised if the way I put the product on is not perfect. It works for me and looks rather well, so I do not care if some applications are uneven. Needless to say that the following 4 posts will contain numerous selfies.

2 lipsticks are not included in the picture
You can see that most of my collection is Golden Rose, P2 and Careline. A review and info on each will be given.

I began wearing pink lipsticks just this past year after mostly wearing dark shades. These are probably the colors I most rarely wear, with the exclusion of the Golden Rose No. 56, which you saw a couple of posts back. Let´s get started:

1. Random dark pink
I fucking used photoshop for this!!!

This shade was found in a random shop, the company of it is not even written on the tube. I bought this at a chinese owned store, so I can imagine this product being made in China? I usually don´t buy miscellaneous products, but I thought this shade would be more brown. I was wrong, as it is somewhere on the scale of pink and wine red. It also doesn´t last long and is pretty transparent on the lips, so I would use it for lighter looks (but that´s what you get for 1 euro lipsticks...).

 These 2 pictures were taken a day before I worked on this post, so aside from these, all other selfies will be of a consistent pattern, as well as with closeups on the lips.

2. P2 404 Wall Street

P2 are a daughter company of the local German drugstore, DM. Their products are cruelty free and super cheap, that´s why you will see a lot of P2s in here. It is very important for me to use cruelty free products, and most of my lipsticks are.
This shade is yet another "surprise", since I thought it would look a lot browner on the lips (it did on my hand when I tried it at the store). However, this is a lovely cool shade of pink and is not that bad, but far too delicate for my taste.

Fun Fact: I hate nude lipsticks. Why would you buy a color that has no color for your lips?? Isn´t that the whole point of lipsticks?! Blast a handful of concealer on your lips for all I care. So many questions that bother me in this world....

3. Golden Rose 56 

You have seen me wearing this one lately, and I can´t talk about Golden Rose lipsticks enough. My lips are always very dry, and Golden Rose have the perfect creamy consistency which is a lot of fun to wear. They last long too. This shade I bought while visiting my family in Uzbekistan last September (Golden Rose is a Turkish company which does not sell in Germany). Other Golden Rose lipsticks I bought in Israel at the time. 
Unfortunately, there is no info on their website regarding the products being cruelty free, so I apologize for that.

I like how this color has this amusing 80s, fashionable grandma meets "I will embarrass myself with my bimbo lips" kind of thing going on. It also looks fun with my orange hair. Never would I have touched this color with a stick a few years back, hehe.

4. P2 100 Oxford Street

 Continuing with the P2s, aka - lipsticks which turned out to be not what they seem. This is the color I wear least, after 401 Wall Street (what´s the deal with those big apple names?). It is just another somewhat natural and flattering pink, looks a lot more reddish in the tube... what can I say. It´s not interesting, not even on the day when you don´t feel like putting interesting makeup on.
It does kind of give freshness to mah face, but I am a funeral-lipstick kind of person...

 5. Manhattan Lips2Last lip stain
The featured lip stain is the pink one, the red one will be featured in the "reds" post.
To conclude this post, these 2 lip staines weren´t featured in the picture above. As mentioned before, my lips are super dry, which makes wearing lips staining products impossible. Not to mention this product also has a primer-like gel on its other end, which allows the lipstick... -wait for it-.................. 2 last! (lol), which is a great deal for a very good price. However, my lips felt like having a 2 centimeter coat of cement on them when I applied this product, which after hours of them peeling off, made me stick to conventional cream products only.

But we know who likes lip stains more than anyone- Karoliina of Bones And Lilies! She also did a review on those, so if you are a lip stain kind of person I suggest you check what she has to say :)

Yet I know someone else who likes this lip stain a looot more than me. Boris wears this product very often to his concerts, and he can tell you that Lips2Last stays well, is a lot easier for him to apply than normal lipsticks and has a kickass shade.

 Boris is topless not for more sass, it´s because I just caught him before he was about to take a shower.

Naturally, Boris gave me hell with this review, so I had a lot of trouble making him look serious for a change. He will demonstrate the red lip stain in the following post, so stay tuned!

N. Finsternis


  1. I use dark red manhattan lips2last as well. I like the bold colour that doesn't rub off everywhere! It feels too drying on me if I don't put any lip balm on it. But I don't use the product's transparent gel, I hate the taste of it, it's awful. When it starts to peel off, I go to the toilet,I put a lot of lip balm over it, I rub it off with some paper and then I reapply.

    1. there seems to be a lot of things to take care of with this kind of product. not saying it is bad, but it did not work that well for me. i also don´t usually put multiple layers on my lips, so when i need to do that it feels uncomfortable.

  2. I've got blacks, greens, purples, orange, and other shades...I'm seriously considering getting some normal colors for everyday wear like the first few you have up there. Those are really nice shades. My favorite, of course, is the hot pink one. Goes nice with your orange hair

    1. I am considering the opposite, and to obtain some striking purples or whatever. I am always unsure about neon lipstick colors, I like to be able to wear all of my shades every day if possible :)

  3. So many lipsticks, and so many beautiful colors! I tend to have only dark reds and the less mainstream colors. Looking forward your review of the alternative colors you have. :) By the way, I really love the way your hair color is, the dark in the roots highlights the lovely ivory paleness of your skin and the curry color of the hair!

    1. thank you, what lovely descriptions. curry hair- i love the sound of that! :P