10 January 2015

Face of the night: The Wings Of Desire gig

Last night we enjoyed a fun time at TWOD´s gig. This was my makeup:

This messy eyeshadow-mascara + black on the inner lash line look is all I have been wearing lately. I have been using brown eyeshadow for the everyday look, and silver + shitty black (that looks more grey) for the night. I don´t need more than this lately, which is rare for me not to abuse black eyeliner.
Also, this is my official 80s-bimbo-sorority girl-trashy pink lipstick. It does appear more pigmented in real life, and is fun for exaggerating (and looks quite amusing with my orange hair).

An outfit attempt. I was wearing a fishnet dress over black leggings and a black crop top. The lighting of my apartment is so bad that this is the closest to getting an outfit shot as I can get.

You cannot imagine what it took me to take such kickass quality pictures. I literally stood on my bed facing the ceiling light!

After a short break and lots of rehearsals, I suppose it´s safe to say that the band´s lineup has reached a somewhat complete sound. Last night was the band´s first ever performance with a real drummer (lol electronic real drummer). 
Boris did a couple of rehearsals with Xavier (also real drummer with The Cemetary Girlz) in our apartment so I heard a little of it, but I couldn´t imagine how it would sound on stage with the other instruments. I felt like listening to a completely different band, as the sound and the drums were a million times better than the previous computer drums. Xavier really did an amazing job, I think this was one of TWOD´s best gigs.

Here is a video of a new song, you can´t see anything, but you can hear everything.

The Wings Of Desire / Edward Mordrake

N. Finsternis


  1. Awesome song! And orange and pink are one of my favorite color combinations

    1. thanks, will tell Boris :) orange and purple seem to work pretty nicely as well.