27 January 2015

I tried to take an outfit picture and failed

My daily as well as party outfits are not that exciting. Mainly because it is cold outside which makes wearing comfy clothes a priority, and because you can´t really wear ripped stockings when it´s 1 C. degrees outside.

This is pretty much how my going out outfits in winter look like, the big shapeless black cardigan excluded:

This black basic skirt from H&M serves every outfit. The crop top is from H&M as well (and I cannot say I recommend it, since the velvet is in opposite direction, and the top rolls up slightly when you move). My combat boots make for the day and evening cold. 
I wear thigh highs only in winter with either these thick striped stockings or my plain black ones. 

This is the best location I could find- out hallway. And it´s still incredibly distracting.

So much for updates, meanwhile uni and job searching continues. Take care!

Here is some dub to cheer me up

N. Finsternis


  1. The velvet top looks so cool! I've been wanting a velvet crop top for forever. Good to know to look for other brands. And ugh I can't wait till it's warmer out

    1. maybe you can find something like this in second hand, since this crop top has the velvet upside down, which is very unpractical. i also can´t wait for it to be warmer to get more creative with outfits

  2. Love it, that necklace is amazing! <3
    Definitely following your blog!


    1. the moon necklace is one of my favorite :) and thank you for following!