29 September 2015

Musical confessions

Much like ungoth confessions, this post is about contradicting/ ironic/ unfortunate things that a music lover can do. And you know me when it comes to sarcasm.

1. I judge you on your music tastes so. fucking. hard. 
Do not fear, this is mainly done out of curiosity, since if you dwell in a certain genre but also enjoy other ones, I would connect them to your biography and it will make me happy. Example: you go to black metal gigs but still have an Evanescence pin on your messenger bag. That would make me smile and think: "hey, I also liked listening to rubbish when I was a teenager, I should give that person a hug".

On the other hand, you like Porngrind - probably a sick fuck; listen to novelty bands - a shallow human being; oi punk - alcoholic; gothic rock - sexually deprived, most likely.

2. I will dismiss an entire band based on one song. 
I am very specific about my music, and varied as it is (I do love listening to different genres and am very proud of my broad horizons) I know exactly what kind of music I do and do not want to listen to. So just from a few seconds of a song I can know if I dislike it based on melody/ production/ genre etc. I wouldn´t want to listen to the entire band based on that one judgement, most likely. I realize this is foolish but I have saved me so much disappointment over the years with this strategy.

Also, this is pretty useful when it comes to to re-discovering bands. If once I thought a particular band was crap, I would come back to it, listen to their entire discography (which I poured with diarrhea at the time) and will be happy how nice it is that my tastes have changed and I can enjoy what it is that other people enjoy.

3. I will dismiss an entire genre based on a band I disliked.
It´s pretty much the same as with no. 2 on this list. Only this time, it is a lot more truthful and fair. Mayhem sucks - black metal sucks. Oasis sucks - brit rock sucks. It´s simple, just try it.

4. I couldn´t care less about records.
Or buying music for that matter. I download everything. Why should I have a fragile records player, trembling for it´s safety every time I move, plus storing hundreds of records that I already have on my ipod since years? I might buy music online, but let me check that nice Ukranian forum if someone has leaked it already.
But when our band´s music comes out you should totally buy and support us, ok? Bands won´t be able to live without hipsters and old school goths purchasing records like they can feed themselves on them. Amazes me each time.

5. I love to argue about bands I dislike and why they are overrated. 
Just a common sport, I have not met a lot of people who do that but when I do, it´s always fun to criticize others, especially if they have the nerve to make music, more so if it´s not your cup of tea. And I don´t care if it´s your favorite band in the world, you shall hear everything.
I do love to discuss when someone dislikes the bands I like for that matter.

6. I judge you on bands you do NOT know.
Only if they are key bands in a certain genre, like Joy Devision. And I don´t care if you just got out of your mother´s womb (or out of the babybat closet, for that matter). Have you not heard about The Birthday Party?!? Einstürzende Neubauten??? The entire New York CBGB scene?? Oh get out.

7. I approach everything with enormous criticism.
Especially if it´s a contemporary band. Again, I know exactly what I want in my music, so maybe that´s why the approach. You have a band? Let´s see whatcha got, I am prepared to be disappointed in your interpretation of post punk revival mixed with neo- psychedelia pretending to sound like Lou Reed. Too bad, too bad...

8. I listen to "everything".
I swear if you are giving me this answer we are no longer friends. Alright, I listen to fucking everything as well, but come on- give me bands! Genres! Years! Origins! Not to mention your favorite band, which if you don´t have one then we obviously have nothing to talk about.

This should be enough. I encourage every one of you to join in and write something similar. Hope this has burdened you with dismay!

N. Finsternis


  1. Yeah I know... Everyone listens to "everything." If that's their answer, I say "nothing." Really? "Yes. I just listen to the wind outside my window"

  2. Urrrghh, people saying they listen to everything is my pet hate; invariably they don't have a particularly eclectic music taste, and what they mean is 'I like chart stuff but sometimes I throw in an indie song or something with rapping'.

    I'm also not a big fan of most modern attempts at post punk, but I really only judge prog rock fans? (Not that I don't like a bit of prog.) I do judge music scenes collectively (e.g. lots of the electronic subgenres), usually because they're assholes.

    1. haha small scenes tthat are being assholes- sounds familiar! which reminds me of an article I read about the misogyny in dark electronic music, examples like Nachtmahr etc singing about hating women, I think i should share it here some time.