29 October 2015

Things that made me happy in October

I have been neglected the blog since uni has started this month, but I am not complaining. I had a lot of stuff to do aside from studies, like band practices and preparations for the wedding that kept me very motivated, so I can sum this month for lack of regular updating.

1. Celebrating my birthday was definitely a nice thing happening at the beginning of the month. I did nothing special, just went with Boris to devour sushi and we took a nice walk.

2. Going to the Return To The Batcave festival! Aside from meeting old and new friends, I got to listen to some incredible bands. A new band that I was happy to discover are Kandahar - a fine example of people coming from the hardcore scene interpreting post punk their own way. I was mind blown by the live show!
I was dying to see Wieze Fabryk, the Polish legend, and let me tell you it was a dream... they sounded exactly like the recording, with the meaty live sound as well, the songs were just perfect and I have discovered some new ones (my favorite has to be the ever so tribal Huk, I realized I was laughing throughout it because of how pagan the singing sounds).

Seeing 13th Chime was actually worth it. The guys kicked ass, and then I realized they actually sound a lot like PIL and it was so cool hearing this in contrast to all the new bands. Pogoing was going on through the Coffin Maker (I call it the Coffee Maker and tragically nobody caught on the joke despite my continuous attempts).
The festival as a whole had an amazing atmosphere, I am so glad we went!

attempted dirty mirror selfie, I couldn´t care less about capturing my outfit for the blog
3. Buying my first bass guitar was very spontaneous and satisfying. I have been borrowing a classic model from a friend for too long, and Boris and I were searching for second hand basses online for a while but to no avail (I had no idea about guitar models without him).
Then one day we accidentally saw that somebody was selling an Epiphone Thunderbird. We ran to grab it without thinking twice, as this was exactly what we´ve wanted. The bass is a beast, the sound is incredible and kind of plays on it´s own. I am more than happy to be playing such an iconic model.

4. Reading Tarot cards every wednesday at a queer bar has been making this and the previous month as well. I am having so much fun reading (and learning the craft better as I go on), sitting there with different people talking about their lives, not to mention meeting so many new and interesting people. I also sat down with queer refugees from Syria and Lebanon one night, and listening to one of their stories was fascinating but terrifying. Boris accompanies me to the bar sometimes in full cross-dressing and friends come by sometimes as well, the vibes are great. Not to mention tips coming my way more than ever, it´s nice to see more people coming.

5. Preparations for the wedding which will take place in the beginning of November has brought me "in the holiday spirit". Previously, the only thing I could give a damn about was seeing my parents and my little brother, Boris and mine´s best friend from Israel and our dearest from Copenhagen after such a long time of parting. The wedding and all the fuss everybody but me were making about it were left somewhere in the back of my mind.
But then, when the lady on the telephone from the restaurant we were booking for after the ceremony cheerfully congratulated me, and I actually sat my ass down to book a photographer, it began to sink into me, making my heart race each time I thought about greeting all out friends at the faithful day, drinking champagne and laughing, taking stupid photos where everyone would be looking pretty and satisfied (with the possibility of printing them out later), seeing my mother´s face after the ceremony, throwing the buke and shit.... 
And I realized I was freaking out. And so was Boris.

So I actually can´t wait, and pray that everything will go smoothly, and that we will actually have time to spend with each person that arrives especially for us from abroad for this occasion. 

Hope your month has been lovely as well. Until next time, probably with Wedding posts already.

N. Finsternis


  1. Oh dear, you're getting married? Congratulations! Can't wait to see how you'll be dressed during the ceremony, I just can't imagine you in the ever so boring white dress :D

    1. yeah I kind of am XD my dress is not going to be white, but will be simple. wait till you see what Boris is going to wear

  2. Ooh congrats on getting married and enjoy your bass. You look lovely in the photos

  3. wow I can't believe the wedding is coming up! This year just flew by. Looking forward to the wedding photos!

  4. Wow, love that killer denim look, hot!