1 November 2015

Halloween Face

I ended up reading Tarot cards again for Halloween, but didn´t stay for long as people came mostly to get drunk and the pub was so packed nobody paid any attention to my table. My eyes began to sting from the cigarette smoke at some point and my vibes were pretty much gone. But it was a nice evening nonetheless. I had plans to go to a party afterwards but gave it up for Penny Dreadful and beer at home. Boris was away for a gig in Lodz to it was not fun going out without him.

Kind of went for a classic goth look, I love my red eyeshadow which does not look like it should through the camera. It is very pigmented and makes perfect for a sick, beginning of 00s goth inspired look.

Some 19 year old self inspirations going on here
One does not simply not take a Myspace selfie with this makeup/hair. I looked up 90s hair tutorials and really wanted to try these pigtails out, it´s the closest to pigtails my hair can get, plus I had no energy to tease my hair when it´s this long.

Hope everyone has had a more interesting Halloween than I!

N. Finsternis


  1. Love this look!


  2. You pulled off that babygoth look real fine :)
    Nice to read that Boris went to Lodz. It could have been quite a few hours on a bus to come here, and if you wanted to go by train, you have to change in Warsaw or Kutno. I live here, right where Wieże Fabryk come from, and I absolutely love this band. But it's a pity to not meet Boris - I like you both and he looks really cute to me.
    I don't even know who was playing though. Nothing on bat-cave.pl nor last.fm (and frankly, I hardly ever go to concerts nowadays)...

    1. Oh you're from Lodz! He just played a gig there with Totenwald together with Past and Wieze Fabryk. Wish i wad there, i saw WF on RTTB festival and they were perfect!

    2. Oh, so now I know what event that was...
      Pity I wasn't there. Didn't even know about the gig beforehand. And if I knew, I'd sure as hell go there, mostly for WF. I absolutely love them.
      The venue is small but nice, we're friends, and it's a nice place for lgbtq people, punks or anyone left-leaning :)
      BTW. I was at RTTB once, in 2012 if I recall correctly. It was awesome.

    3. good to know it´s a nice venue :)
      Hope to meet you some day, maybe at the RTTB!