20 January 2016

Music I shouldn´t listen to

Unlike my way of describing things, especially in this blog, I take the music I listen to very seriously. So seriously in fact, that sometimes a bit of moodiness in a tune can send me into a long ride to the darkest corners of my mind. I have been in those before, and it turned out to be a place very difficult getting out of. I never want to visit there again, and unfortunately there is music out there which can suck me into that dark pit and make the decision of abruptly leaving this world seem very easy and welcoming.
And we all know the most beautiful music out there is in minor key...

So here is the bands/ artists that melt, clinch, chew, spit out and destroy my otherwise chilly, sarcastic little heart.


This beautiful Ukranian folk inspired band is an entire world of dreams, melancholia and nostalgia for anyone. Too bad their music makes me so emotional I cannot listen to more than one song. I tried making my mother listen to them too because I knew she would appreciate the beautiful harmonies, but she couldn´t stomach half a song without getting teary eyes either. Their touchy lyrics don´t make it easier.
Try not to become an emotional wreck after these songs:

The Beatles

For a long time I was uneducated when it came to these dinosaurs. I was very unfortunate when I did, because aside from happier songs it meant I couldn´t listen to The Beatles´ more powerful creations, which I will list bellow. I did enjoy the Lonely Heart´s Club album which was mostly in good fun, but my heart aches when it comes to the following:

Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

Some of you might know Asaf Avidan from his solo career, aka this song. But before he gained world recognition (as he should have, he´s insanely talented) Asaf was crowned "the Israeli Janis Joplin" and had an amazing blues rock band with him. Boris and I were fortunate enough to see him live in our teens. Back then I found his music a lot more emotional and powerful than the stuff he does now.
And I guess this is why I cannot listen to his earlier stuff. It´s not only Janis in there, it´s my youth.


Well, I think this needs no explanation. Nope - no heart wrenching Beth Gibbons vocals for me; no vintage styled beats to crack the earth beneath my feet; no depressing lyrics to hate myself even more; no trip-hop groove to make it all seem easy. Nope. The only excuse for me to listen to Portishead is the otherwise sexual arousal you experience from their amazing music. But if we are about to step inside our coffins here, there you go:

This is as much as my mental health can take for now. Do you have music you try to stay away from?



  1. I cry BUCKETS when I listen to Pink Floyd's 'High hopes' and 'Midnight summer dream' by The Stranlers. They never fail me when I feel like crying without reason. Also a lot of classical music does this to me, like Mozart's 'Introitus' from his Requiem and Borodin's 'Song of Polovtsian maidens' from 'Prince Igor'.

    1. Pink Floyd are a sore spot as well. Classical music is so powerful!

  2. I believe we all have music like that! I believe, for me it is Dark Sanctuary! :)


    1. wow really Dark Sanctuary? If I would give an opinion I would say consider yourself lucky XD they are not mainstream at least hehe

  3. lol The Flaming Lips's "Summertime" was basically torture for me for the longest time. It's about moving on after a loss, but the entire song is basically asking a depressed person to start enjoying things again (and why aren't they?). As if it was that easy! And NIN always, always makes me want to indulge in every way possible to ruin my life.

    1. NIN? I would never guess, their music has never touched me in the slightest except for the song Closer of course. Interesting how feelings for music change from one another hehe

  4. Uuuugh, yes, as well have instant-cry-bands/songs! (And damn, so many songs on the list to explore tonight...)