30 October 2016

Goth Youtubers - 90s Goth with Angela Benedict

Some of you loyal readers will remember my "Why I Dislike Goth Youtubers Post" back from last year (and I also remember the majority of you agreeing with me, than you, thank you...) but I've been spending so much time on YouTube lately that I feel like it would be hypocritical of me to say that I dislike ALL goth youtubers (which I have disclaimed in the mentioned post, but still).

Yet recently I have discovered a relatively new youtuber that has been doing something no other goth youtuber that I know has done - educating you on the past!

The thing is, most (goth) youtubers are either teenagers or in their 20s, and rarely do you get a person above 30. Not to mention the topics usually addressed by most youtubers who claim to belong to a certain subculture are not exactly versatile.

But what I was happy to discover were Angela Benedict's many stories about how the gothic subculture looked like back in the 90s (note: in New York). Being someone who only discovered goth from 2005/6 and on, I find it fascinating to listen to a person who has actually been in the scene in the 90s to tell you how things were, ranging from what music was played, what clothes and styles were worn and how the people were like. I wish someone from the 80s would have done the same thing!
I wrote a "Beginning of 00s Goth" post in the past as well, so the style recaps definitely spoke to me.

I guess the thing with youtubers is that the personality and way of speech of a person can affect your liking/disliking them, and in this case, I absolutely love how Angela tells stories and the way she's communicating, I find it very straightforward and relaxed. I also love the old school video editing, I get annoyed when youtubers have an intro that can kill a PR expert.

One of my favorite videos is Gothic Fashion as a 90s Teen:

For the record, she doesn't even know that I'm writing this post, so it's not sponsored or anything (I will tell her as soon as this gets published).

Her Hairfalls tutorial is also quite the thing. It's not my style of hair but the spirit of the 90s is definitely there:

Have some of you been goth in the late 90s/beginning of 00s? What was the gothic subculture like back then? I hope you found Angela's videos entertaining as much as I did.

Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating!



  1. Nobody dared dressing Goth back to junior high/high school in my town in France but I had a liking for the corsets, I thought they were so elegant. I only started wearing them in college! I was lucky enough to find quality ones in yard sales for such a low price!

    1. People usually go for a more emo/grungy look in school, or at least when I was at school

  2. I've come across her videos and thought they were pretty awesome, through I was more diy than buying expensive goth clothes. I think the main difference between then and now was how much drugs was in the scene back then (unless it was just where I lived). The whole mopey depressed thing was about self-destruction, and everyone I knew was on something. Some of them ODed and died. The rave thing was completely all about drugs. The whole destroying yourself wasnt just drugs... Others dropped out of school or stopped going (like me lol). I love how the scene today is basically drug free, positive, and not self destructive.

    1. Sounds like the bad kind of decadent :(
      I cannot say that the scene in Berlin is drug free at all - Berlin is very cheap in many ways, and alcohol and drugs are no exception. It's also very normal to take speed/mdma in clubs, as parties last till morning and it's not rare that people use drugs every weekend. It happens on synth/wave parties especially.