4 November 2016

Tattoo Idea - A Sleeve of Dogs!

So I've been telling this idea to all my friends and they kind of joke about it with me, and I don't deny half joking about it myself, but if you know me well, you know I LOVE dogs.
Dogs make me happy, I love thinking about them, seeing them, pretending to be them at home (Boris as I howl frequently) and really wishing I had one (but current circumstances don't allow).
In short, I have been obsessing over dogs since I was a kid.

So it got me thinking... I don't have any tattoos yet, and as much as I would like to be true to myself and have like an ankh or a pentagram with roses somewhere (or better - Opeth's O!), I would really be true to myself if I'd tattoo a dog!
But wait -  just one dog? There are so many that I love - borzois, corgis, huskies... here let me show you:

Borzoi & Australian Shepherd

Corgi, Black German Shepherd & Shiba Inu


So then Boris jokingly said - you should do a sleeve of dogs! And I thought: "omg, that's the best idea ever!" So when I'll have an unlimited amount of money to spend, I will definitely make a full sleeve of dogs!

I was bullied in elementary school for loving dogs. I don't recall acting in any strange way like barking or anything, I just loved them and drew them all the time, so other kids (only boys) made fun of me and called me a "bitch" and referred to my hair as "fur". Kids will bully you at school for jut about anything, even for something so harmless! 
It didn't stop me from loving dogs like crazy for a second, so tattoing dogs will be a healthy closure, maybe it will even help me deal with all the trauma and feelings of worthlessness that I have been piling up over the years, who knows?

I am pretty picky with tattoos and mostly I like them on other people, but I do like Art Nouveau tattoos, so imagine an art nouveau dog sleeve, with many dogs in motion, merging and interlacing, with swirls around them.... wow...
Another challenge would be a style of drawing... I don't like realism and I don't like hipster styled illustrations, so I've been looking at some vintage dog illustrations instead:

So maybe, maybe...
Did I mention I liked foxes too?

Urgh now I don't know what to get...



  1. Haven't seen a sleeve of dogs but plenty of wolf tattoos. What kind of dog? I think my favorite stylized dog would be the Erte dog. It's in the art deco style. If I wanted to be a fabulous lady with a dog, it would be that image

    1. The erte dog looks like a grayhound, they're so elegant and skinny.

  2. Think you answered your own question in the second paragraph. If getting an Ankh or pentagram is what is true to yourself, then that's what you should get. Not to say that you should get a tattoo devoted to your love of canines, but your first tattoo is an extremely memorable moment (not to mention it will also let you know if you can handle the pain of sitting through and getting tons of work done on your body), you should get something that you know will always resonate with you. I would never suggest you go with an idea that just popped into your head, regardless of the fact you've loved dogs your whole life you may regret covering an entire arm in that one subject matter especially since it seems this idea is relatively new.
    Of course on further thought you may find yourself dedicated to the idea and of course since it is your body you can decorate it as you please, I just suggest letting it simmer for a while before you take the plunge. Tattoos are forever.
    AND of course make sure you find a reputable and talented artist to pull it off.

    Hope I haven't offended with my opinion,

    Love and happiness,

    1. Woah, someone took the post a bit too seriously! Just like I said above, if you know me well, you know I love dogs. This was a post to obsess about dogs. Don't you think I take everything that comes with getting a tattoo into account?
      Also - isn't it normal for a person without any tattoos to think endlessly about their first tattoo?

    2. Maybe I did.
      Wasn't trying to insult you or question your intelligence. Just giving my honest opinion as someone who has and loves tattoos.
      Sorry for being too analytical.
      Didn't mean any harm by it.
      Guess I come off that way sometimes...didn't mean for it to be taken that way though.

    3. I understand. I write sarcastically all the time and I guess I relied on sarcasm to kind of hint how much I am actually not ready to get my first tattoo. Still, it's nice to lay out the idea sometimes.