29 December 2016

My 2016 In Music

Last 2016 recap of the year. I thought of making a video for this post, but these music recaps are mainly done for myself, plus I had a cold the past few days so my voice is very nasal.

Here's the music recaps of 2015 & 2014.

This year has been a long musical journey. I don't remember listening to so many different genres and so many bands in the last couple of years. I definitely grew distant from post punk like never before, which is a strange feeling, considering how much love I have for the genre.
Above all, I've returned to musical realms from the past and was excited to enjoy them like I've never did, which is a rare experience with bands one is already familiar with.

I've also listened to heavier music, inspiring myself to make it one day. And by the end of this year, this is what I'm wishing for the most.

1. And Also The Trees

And Also The Trees / The Soul Driver

Lowe and behold - I actually listened to more than A Retrospective! AATT were the only post punk band I actively listened to this year. I've enjoyed their The Klaxon album immensely, The Soul Driver (above) being one of my favorite tracks. Being a bass player and paying closer attention to bass lines in songs, I guarantee you this song is bassline heaven! It really makes the song for me.

Another notable mention is their acoustic album When The Rain Comes and the song Candace - simply haunting, the drums tickle with your heart.

2. Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains / Love Hate Love

Going back to past music favs - AIC are one of the bands I find most mesmerizing. And while I don't have to describe to you why this band is so influential and unique, I have to admit that AIC have always been sexy music to me. There's something oddly decadent - desperate yet "in your face" - when it comes to this band. Be it the drug lyrics (which have always sparked sympathy and sadness in me, considering Staley and all), the unforgettable vocals of Layne Staley or the songs, which often remind me of progressive rock rather than grunge (like the song Sickman for instance).

There are very interesting rock music components in AIC that do echo with standard hard rock, but offer so much more.

The song above is a great example of beautiful melodies and the kind of self-hating, desperate atmosphere AIC always bring with them, like someone trying to form their heaviest emotions through a blurry, alcohol and drug fused narrative, that is doomed to never be taken seriously.

3. Tool

Tool / Forty six & 2

I know, I wrote about Tool already and the last thing you want to read is me being 20 years late by praising them. However, I am very excited to be enjoying their music at last and slowly but surely digesting their albums with satisfaction.
There is everything here - progressive rock, beautiful melodies and vocals, bass lines to die for, drums fills to excite you in places you never thought drums could - and all shaped in the contemporary 90s sound of the time (the early albums at least). Is it grunge? Is it prog? Is it metal? Is Keenan crazy as hell? Fans have been asking themselves these questions for years.

I don't fucking care. Tool are amazing and I am enjoying them immensely. The earlier albums are so badass.

4. Uncle Acid

Uncle Acid / The Night Creeper

This year I've explored stoner/doom rock, and found some gems, UA being the band I listened to most. I admit that most bands in this genre sound the same and rarely go outside of the "guitars and bass play the same demonic sounding riff again and again trying to sound like Black Sabbath" box. You might as well go the extra mile and say that stoner/doom rock is lazy music.

In my opinion, UA are special because the vocals sound like Beatles and some songs do stand out. And while I enjoy this genre in a playlist/background music form, I've enjoyed a full album by UA and my only remark was that their drums deserve more versatility.

A notable mention here would be the band Stoned Jesus, which I completely fell in love with and listened to their album Seven Thunders Roar more than I could count. I am seriously considering going all the way to Wroclaw in February to see them live.

5. Opeth

It's been 10 years and I am still riding the Opeth wagon. They are not just a favorite band, and I am happy they have been with me this year.
The pinnacle of my crazy-ass deep emotional attachment to this band has to be their concert I attended in November, which had me losing my shit like never before. I was completely ecstatic - I sang all the guitar, bass, drums, back and lead vocals (+ lyrics) through the entire gig and headbanged like a 15 year old on their first metal concert. I don't think I was that excited when I first saw them in Israel in 2009.

I will get my hands on their new album (shame on me), the singles of which sounded surprisingly great live. Yet nothing beats old Opeth for me, and when they played Demon Of the Fall and Ghost of Perdition live I was *insert crazy slang expression of a person overly excited here*.
A lot of this year's recap as well as reflecting on the last 10 years has to do with this band, to say the least.

I guess that's all. I'm excited to see in which musical moods I'll be next year. What music did you enjoy this year?


6. The Mars Volta

I can't believe I forgot to write about THE band which I have been worshiping the entire year!!!! I have seriously been fangirling this band, and again this is me coming back to a band I know well just to realize how genius they actually are. Hardcore kids doing progressive rock, it can't get better than this. Take me Cedric Zavala
Also - At The Drive In have released a single a while ago and I actually like it. Could only stomach 2 or 3 songs by them till now, but the new one has got me hooked. Can't wait for the album!

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year's celebration and let your next year be filled with accomplishments, adventures and loves.
Thank you everyone for reading my blog and even enjoying it. I appreciate your comments  and opinions a lot. Love you!



  1. Alice in Chains is my fav grunge band. Everyone goes on and on about Nirvana, bit aic was my favorite.

    1. Oh, and according to Spotify, I've been listening to folk punk...I guess that's what they call the surfy indie stuff? Lol. And K-Pop

    2. Yep, I think they were the best grunge band.
      Folk punk? Isn't it what you'd call all those irish folk punk bands?

  2. There is never enough Tool! And thank you for some tips, I like the first one post-punk the most, but it's just because its my cup of tea.
    would be nice to meet you at Wroclaw, maybee I'll be there too :)

    1. You said it. Still praying for a new album.
      Oh, it would be wonderful to meet! If I'll go I'll probably be alone, and I would love to have some company. If you'll be there it increases my chances of going in the first place :D

    2. Wow, I've never met any blogger from a different country! :D My friends ale planing trip to Wroclaw for the concert, I'm not such a huge fan, but maybe I'll go - I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know :)

  3. I love Tool and Opeth! And I adore your witty remarks like the one about stoner/doom rock. :D Happy New Year!

  4. Yeesssss, there is never enough Opeth or Tool. Thanks! Wish you a happy new year as well!!