20 August 2012

Finally Starting!

Ok, so I've been trying to open and re-open a blog here, and after failing successfully I've decided to attempt it again! Ha! And this time perhaps it will work.

This is the story:
My name is Maria but you are welcome to call me by the nickname to the left. I have been writing a blog for ages now in a different website since I was 13, but due to age and style development I've decided to go for gold at Blogger!
The thing is, that older website is kind of for teenagers, for the sake of that matter for preppy teenagers, I mean there aren't any Babybats even left! the horror...
So due to my obvious difference in level and mind I decided to start seriously blogging here, hoping this would work, and that people would read me! Because I've enjoyed so many good Goth bloggers so far on this website.

Speaking of Goth!
So yeah, this ought to be a Goth blog, as simple as that, mostly featuring myself and the shit I am usually doing. I adore DIY so I will be posting my projects here, also sharing the music I love and subjects regarding Goth that I am in to.
Cheers to Goth and a brand new start! Wish me luck~

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Congratulations on the new blog!
    Now you're next to Adora and Stripy Tights & Dark Delights in my favorites list. I'm so proud of you! ^^

    1. Yay you're the first to comment!
      yeah I read those all the time :)