22 August 2012

Gothy finds and my complication with Anne Rice

The past week I have been sick, which was a great opportunity to skip work a little bit because I haven't been on vacation for a while. Much of laziness I admit...
I'm netter now, than god, cause being sick in August is in no way better than being sick in December...

So lately I have been craving to read a really good book... aside from classics I'm still dying to read but haven't got the time/money/energy/keep forgetting, I managed to find two books that were on sale.
First off is "The Prague Cemetery" by Umberto Eco, which I have no idea who or what it is but due to the story taking place in the Eighteenth century I have the feeling I will enjoy this.

Alas, the obvious reason for buying a book that has the word "cemetery" on it. I'm so easy..
The second one is "Of Love and Evil" by Ann Rice, which happens to be the second of her "The Songs of the Seraphim" series, the first of which I own in a Russian translation.

Now, here's my unfortunate story with Mrs. Rice:
I adored her Interview with the Vampire, the book was amazing and I've also read Pandora from the vampire series that was enchanting as well...
But since then....
I haven't finished a single book I've tried to read by her. Not the first from The Songs of the Seraphim, which is pretty interesting, but when I almost got to the middle I dropped it for something else and completely lost any interest :(
Also the witches series, Angel Time and even The Vampire Lestat had the same story.
It is annoying for me because I really like her stories, characters and style, but something just prevented me from keeping on going and drowning in the book completely. A mystery I cannot solve..
But I decided I'll give her a chance. Because she is an amazing author for me still, and it is important for me to read her.

Also today I found this skeleton guy, that was so cheep it was ridiculous not to but him. He has a candle inside ^^

Till next time,

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Anne Rice does have a tendency of changing the plot completely a few times during the course of the novel. I believe it's because vampire's life is so long it's only natural some major changes occur in his personality\way of life\perspective etc, and it greatly influences the way the story is told. Well, at least in the few books by her that I read.

  2. I didn't even notice that, but maybe the closest to this is when I completely loose track of what is going on trying to figure out if there was something I missed....

  3. i'd love to read something by her. the book looks wonderful. very cool :> [Kartofel'nyy El'f]