24 August 2012

Party like a Trad!

This friday is very special for me and *Boris.

This is the story:
A local club that once had Dark 80's parties asked us if we wanted to DJ 80's Goth and Post Punk, hence we asked the owner of the line why there aren't any 80's parties lately.
So we agreed! And today we'll gonna make people dance to everything but mainstream music, especially mainstream 80's music ;)

This is really exciting because among the EBM parties around where we live, we only enjoy 80's parties the most because the feeling when THAT song that you've had for ages on your iPod is being played at a local party is the best feeling there could be considering Goth music.
I mean seriously, it is so hard to explain the happiness and excitement when the DJ plays your Siouxsie Sioux, The Cure and even, oh my- Xmal Deutschland!

So we said to ourselves we're gonna play all "our hits", meaning- the songs we like no matter if these are bands people barely heard of.
I don't care even if we'll have a crown tonight, because you see, the party is divided: first floor preserved for Metal Core, Dubstep and other things I don't even want to think of, and the second floor- is ours! :)
I only can say: Fuck it! They wanted an 80's party, they shall have it from the bottom of our Trad and morbid hearts. Applause for extra cheesiness!

I only want to make an example of the things we would play today, because I'm so happy ^^

Corpus Delicti / Absent Friend

Kan Kan / Blue Tango

Sex Gang Children / Sebastiane

This and many others well known and less known. Pictures and even videos will be of course posted!
Gonna go backcomb!

+ Nebel Violet +

* Boris is the name of my beloved boyfriend with whom I share almost 6 years of love. His name will be mentioned a lot from obvious reasons :)


  1. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it ><
    How was the party?

    1. Too bad you weren't there, it went better than we expected!