26 August 2012

She's in parties

Party went better than we expected!
There weren't a lot of people and in general there was a good atmosphere! There were some elders [not elder Goths, there is no such thing where I live] that had fun as they said and some random people that stopped by to rest from the lower hall [NuMetal and Dubstep, yay...] that seemed to enjoy the gloomy, dark and rythmic atmosphere we created.
Fun fact: people like to dance to known and well overrated almost poppy songs, whereas when something energetic but new is played, they rather sit in the corner and wait. Why, people? Why? I mean, if it's something new doesn't mean you have to close your minds to it, open up! We played here and there less known artists such as Neva, The Names and others and people were confused. Very very strange for me.

I have to admit that I was disappointed. You see, people that come to Dark 80's parties are mostly over 30 and the only reason they come there, what seemed to be, of nostalgia. What I felt from observing the, and my conclusions after that wild night, is that people less want to open up to new things from the genre they love, but it is to hop around to catchy songs of Bowie and Joy Division, which are beautiful as they are, but perhaps somewhere overdone....
I also got really mad [I always get mad at stupid things that only I care about] that none of the people me and Boris know showed. Not our best friend who lived upon 80's music stating he had no chance to change his shift that night, not other people who could show up and had the cars/ money to get there and support, didn't.
I got upset, but I knew it was foolish of me, hence me and Boris always support every little artsy fartsy things that anyone is doing in our city, even if it's not even music we usually listen to, we still come and support the artist or the person organizing something because we feel it's important to show presence at little alternative events in out tiny country, because there is so little of everything, not to mention people within the [nonexistent] Goth subculture.
But in the end, fuck everything, I say. it was a party for me and Boris anyways.

 I can proudly say that I customized Boris' shirt myself ^^

 Makeup and hair were successfully charming this time. Stayed perfect all 6 hours! And my hair stayed up the whole night for the first time!!!

 My white makeup next to my tanned skin lol 


+ Nebel Violet + 


  1. When I visited my sister-in-law in Eilat a few years ago, I noticed there were very few Goths, elder or otherwise! One's tattooed arm bracelets got quite a few comments. And yes, I can imagine it's hard to maintain your ghostly pallor in such a climate! ;o)

    1. Whoa, Eilat? A hell of a place, not to mention being a goth there. There are a lot of metallheads there,
      I hate the country I live in. It's hard to maintain a basic human life here.
      Thank you for commenting anyway!

    2. Well, being a tourist, I think I just got to see all the nice things about Israel! I know my nieces don't seem too keen on staying there either... I seem to remember there was an awesome street bazaar in Haifa (I can't remember the proper name for it), and I wished I'd had more time to look through all the antiques!

    3. Street bazaar... There are on occasions, in Tel Aviv there are plenty and there's always cool stuff there. I wish we had thrift stores like in the US, from Vloggers it ssems they have almost everything in a very cheap price!

  2. I know what you mean!! I HATE people not making the effort to come out and support the scene, especially friends. It makes me mad because I support everything they do, why can't they support the Goth scene?
    It seems like they'd rather sit at home and be old ladies :(

    1. EXACTLY! Friends? I'm not used to this word, to tell you the truth.
      Maybe we are supporting too much? Being the only supportive and then the one whom none supports back is really lonely =\