30 August 2012

Of Ears and Holes

Two days ago I've got a new piercing!!!  Yayy!!!

Wait, this isn't actually exciting because it's just another hole right up the one I already have in my left ear.
To make it easier to understand, as I always felt weird explaining in words everything considering holes in ears [lack of vocabulary for the subject in each language I speak?!] I shall divide it:

Right ear:
4 holes

Left ear:
3 holes + the new one I've made.

But there's more to it. Since I do everything on purpose and even my most random and awkward decisions have a meaning for the past couple of years I've had a plan considering ear piercings. I am going my way up on the ear and planning to have an industrial in both [until I'll reach the top of each ear] only to later on put safety pins inside.
 Why? Because it feels right. I honestly hate those small feminine earrings with cute shapes/ shiny shit  because it's meaningless to me. Ever since the Punk Subculture you had the unforgettable "safety pin instead of normal piercing" representing something people misunderstood and that fascinates me.
On the other hand, it's really not that complicated. My ears made it through a lot of trash instead of normal earrings, I'm not allergic to anything and had no painful or inflammatory reaction ever! So I'm proud they serve [and will] the following purpose:

 right ear, the higher safety pin is rather new hence that hole was done not long ago.

left ear with the new friend!

I am planning to go like this all the way up as I said. the lower hole of each ear is served for different earrings I make myself mostly, or for some fancy chandeliers, about which I will make the next post!

Fun fact: A LOT of people think I am always in pain when they see the safety pins. Like how exactly I should constantly be in pain if they are wearing a bunch of earrings themselves? Also a majority of geniuses think I actually pierced the hole WITH the safety pin and it's just stuck there. What kind of deviant fantasy is that?!

+ Nebel Violet


  1. I have my ears pierced all the way up, with two industrials on one ear. I love the look! I got them all done at the same time, it was like 15 piercings in two hours. Hurt like hell, and took 6 months to heal.

  2. Congrats on the new piercing! :D

    You're really lucky you're not allergic to anything. I tried a couple of times wearing some of those cheap earrings you buy at stalls at the mall but I had an inflammatory reaction. :(

    1. It's a bummer. i know some people who are allergic who covered the hook of the earring with transparent nail polish and for some it worked, but for some it didn't.
      My ears survived everything. The first junk to go was a clip [for paper].