18 September 2012

Outfit of the Night: Robert Smith VS Boy Geroge

Seriously? But no. Never.

This was my outfit for the VNV Narion + Apoptygma Berzerk pary that was on friday. It was great fun and I really enjoyed my new outfit experiment so to speak.

Fun Fact: I used to wear nude clubbing clothes, such as "doing almost everything to make others see my butt" or perhaps "wear a corset, a bra and a lot of stocking and minimalized shorts [underwear kind of boxers for girls??]".
And I've decided to change that and go more trad.
I also enjoyed my new fringe experiment! I tried to make it look like Lydia of Beetlejuice, but it wasn't that comfortable so I made the tiny spikes to the side because my fringe was too long :)

I look so yellowish next to Boris with his white makeup on XD

With the beautiful and talented Rayne ColdKiss that I finally got to meet!

Boris and I got some really cute photos at last! Mostly we just look silly with all our makeup all over our faces. This time we actually look cute ^^''

Fun Fact X2:
As I already mentioned, and I will happily mention again: we HATE VNV & Apoptygma!
I finally found that super awesome song that makes us dance like crazy and want to heart it all over again and maybe do a dance video too:

Kick ass song! I wish all VNV's songs were this cool and not bore the shit out of me! :)

First holiday of "Israeli's unusual holiday series" is over. next up would be another holiday in October that always falls on my birthday.
Will update soon!

+ Nebel Violet +