25 September 2012

Why am I so suddenly depressed?

Recently I have been very busy with living and had no time to relax.
Holidays required pointless visits to different meals and family meetings that were a complete waste of time for me, and as the holidays ended the everyday life didn't leave any time to sleep or rest.

I spent sodomizingly tiring days at work that had me so fed up  wanted to just leave and never come back, but luckily I convinced myself not to do so hence I really need the money and eventually the place where I work is too convenient and flexible for my ever changing daily life.

I've also been down for some days but I will have a few days to rest at last, and I've been also busy with studying german, drawing and customizing clothes which generally always makes me feel better and doesn't let me drown into complete despair.

Here are some pictures of the last day's holiday and some random shots at work:

 What is comforting me is that those tiny signs of autumn at last in the air: I am actually sleeping with clothes at night covered with a blanket, I can AT LAST wear two stocking at once and layer clothes like a descent human being as I love to, I can ware chokers without.. ehm.. choking from heat and sweat.. and I can finally wear my favorite combat boots!!! I am so happy!

My 21th birthday is soon to come on the 5th of October, which will follow along our new apartment, the loads of stuff we would have to move from here to there etc.... I am pleased with the new one, I am dying to move already. Luckily my father surprisingly offered his help by loading stuff in his car to help us move. This I didn't expect, however this is extra nice of him. Boris' dad is obviously helping us as well, but that's not a surprise :)

But what I am really waiting for is my little vacation. I will have it from the 5th to celebrate my birthday properly, because I will never ever have a day at work on my birthday! And this will follow a whole week i am taking off from work for final apartment arrangements and to finally set down.
We are being supported by Boris' grandmother, who kindly, decided to give us a lot of money for the holiday. She isn't at all rich, but that gesture was something I couldn't expect in a million years!
I am afraid this would fool me to actually count on the people I consider my family. Hope I won't and will only count on myself! I hate when these thought fill my head.

And to at least try and end this post on a positive note, I will put up here a video we did yesterday when I tried to walk in heelless heels! Haha, they are actually for real!

Stay strong,

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