6 October 2012


Here are some pics from yesterday's night celebrating my birthday with Boris and our best friend Avichai and his friend Amir.
It was a lot of fun, we first went to the cinema to see a film called "The Angles Share" a scottish drama/comedy movie, really nice film which meant a lot to me so I gladly recommend it [btw turns out scottish dialect has fucking no resemblance to english whatsoever], afterwards we went to eat a nice burger and went to an 80's party when I met a few more friends that I missed so much!

 This was my outfit for the night. I extra love mesh shirts lately. To think I would ever wear something not tight and flowy... You can also have a glimpse at our new and still a bit messy apartmeny

 For some reason, Boris and I tend to look like pf different nationalities sometimes. AKA, different nationalities that have nothing to do with our own. Crazy Latino/ Jack Sparrow + Some Japanese geisha anyone?  

Gypsies anyone?
Ha, in fact Boris does have Gypsy roots in him. That will always remain cool.

It was so much fun until i realized that I'm dancing to Mondlicht by Xmal Deutschland and about to vomit. And so we went home XD

Their singer is more inspirational to me than Siouxsie!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Greetings!!! You look so great...!!!

  2. Great outfit, I love your fluffy hair!

  3. It's all fun and games until someone vomits. Then it's death metal.