12 October 2012

My Style Inspirations

I had and have many, yet through the years of me discovering Goth I didn't really express myself through clothing much. This has obviously changed, I will sort some of them here, the current styles/ people that inspire me currently:

Punk & Deathrock

Because no matter what, I can proudly say i was always inspired by Punk anyway, even before I got to Goth. I love it, I love what the subculture and music did to the whole musical and cultural history, and I think it's the basic of Goth in any case. It's where Goth DIY started, it's where almost everything I like started for me. I must confess that I do not like the music much, but I like the energy of it and it's principle.

Blixa Bargeld

When me and Boris first discovered of Einstuerzende Neubauten and found out about industrial music, Blixa started to have a major impact of everything we listen to/ wear. Everything he does, the way he looks like, his music, what he did with Nick Cave, everything is almost religiously influenced my mind. I respect this person so much, and there's also a separate facebook page dedicated to his hair. Fuck that! he is half punk to me, and always meant a lot.

Iva Insane


I won't lie to you- Adora Batbrat has inspired me as well, but when I saw Iva, my heat gave in to her. Because I think, and kill me for saying this, that she is much prettier than her sister, she is much more unique, I think she fights a lot in her life, and I also think she is very talented in everything she does. Her looks and makeup styles inspire me always. I just love her so much!

Daniel Ash

Well, Bauhaus in general, which were also almost religious to me back when I was 16. But Ash... maybe it's his gayish look, maybe because he is actually an amazing guitar player and I just adore what he did with Tones On Tail, but I think he is pretty special, and pretty damn deathrock if you'll notice. I love the way he wears his torn clothes, his hair, his disgusting eyebrows. I love everything in him. And especially the way he plays guitar.

I guess these are pretty much my current inspirations, or the ones I can list out. If I'll remmeber anything else I'll share with you.
There are also some minor figures that I just adore within the scene, such as Tilo Wolff and Anja Huwe of Xmal Deutschland...


Till next time!

+ Nebel Violet +