5 September 2013

DIY Punk Vest + LGBT Demo. Outfit & Face

As promised, this was one of my projects lately. I've been inspired a lot by punk lately, and a jeans vest is something I've never had. It wasn't a common decision to insert a non-black item in my wardrobe, especially that I generally dislike how jeans fabric can look, but I've been eager to make new patches already and haven't had enough place on my jacket.

This was the first product, a children's jeans jacket which sleeves I cut off:

 Cute little bumble bee on the back.

The reason I chose a children's jacket, is because it is small and will serve more as an accessory than an actual clothing item. I also didn't want the vest to clash with my entire outfit too much but rather to accompany it. Having a normal size vest would have been too big for me, to my personal taste at least.

Decorating was a lot of fun. I've used studs that I was smart enough to bring with me from Israel [ordered from Ebay by Boris' father for me long time ago] and drew the patches by hand. 

The bronze pin belongs to the Logistic military corps, AKA worn on a beret by every Israeli soldier. This pin belonged to Boris in his 1 year service, I believe I've left my Home Front Command pin at my mother's house in Israel. The reason why I'm wearing Israeli military gadgets on my jacket and vest is purely sarcastic. There's also my Clockwork Orange pin that I took from my jacket, it was bought in my first trip to Berlin in 2009 :)

I've made patches of my 2 favorite post punk bands. The Xmal Deutschland was drawn by hand, and because I didn't have a thinner brush the 'Deutschland" turned a bit chubby, but it looks cool anyway. I'm planning to make the Lebanon Hannover gallow symbol later on.

This is how the vest turned out:

 It's still not as detailed as I've wanted it to be, but it's a work in progress, and with time I'll have better ideas. You are welcome to suggest anything!

Moving on to the outfit, this was what I wore to the LGBT rights demonstration last weekend:

I;m really happy about how the vest looks! It's very comfy and doesn't feel small even when wearing several shirts underneath despite it being a children's clothing. I am planning to wear it with a maxi skirt I bought not long ago. The bohemian style is something that inspires me aside from punk as well lately :)

This was my makeup:

The usual Catrice gel liner + a black eyeshadow.
Lips are black lipstick mixed with chapstick.

I hope everyone is having some beautiful autumn days. Let them be grayer and colder!

Alas, such music was great for the last misty days!

N. Finsternis


  1. love the denim vest! I've been wanting to do that forever! what kind of white paint did you use for the patches?

    1. Thank you! Gosh I can't believe I forgot to write that. I used the cheapest acrylic one could find, considering that I would wash the vest very, very rarely. I would prefer fabric paint in any case.

  2. A children's sive vest. What a terrfic idea! I spent last weekend looking for the same exact thing at a charity shop to no affect, but maybe I'll check the children's section. I luve how it doesn't take away from the ensemble of your outfit. And you pull of blue denim really nicely!!

    1. Awww thank you so much! I'm really happy that the vest "works" so to say!
      Yes, children's departments can be very useful for slim people. Make sure to look in the "boys" section, because the "girls"' can be too small.

  3. Awesome, I love it. I've been wanting a short jeans jacket or west for the entire summer, something, that's more like an accessory, than actual outerwear, just like yours, but I didn't think of browsing kid's size items...thanks for the idea! :)

    1. Glad the idea could help! If you happen to make that jacket or vest I would be curious to see the result! Good luck! ;)

    2. Thank you! I put it on my to do list for this Fall and I'll definitely post it on my blog when it's done. :)