17 March 2014

News, Concerts and Stockholm!

Dear watchers!
I haven´t been around at all, because my semester vacation turned out to be very busy and creative, for which I am very happy. From making The Wings Of Desire pins to a background video for a new band!

our DIY pins! Design is mine and Boris did all the pressing
I am so excited to share everything here and post some pics, but for now I can only share some events that I am taking part of in the upcoming weeks:

Boris is going to perform with The Wings Of Desire in Stockholm this weekend! I am so happy and excited to go to Sweden, I´ve been wanting to for a very long time, and I hacen´t planned an entire weekend vacation abroad all by myself before (Berlin not included, as it is not a vacation but a life changing procedure).
He is going to perform at this event at Bat Night with The Litsos!

Next up on my schedule is a triple performance in April, of Dystopian Society, Metro Cult and a new Berlin band, Totenwald, who are actually Boris on guitar with Sergej (former Tanzkommando Untergang basist) and his lovely girlfriend Trish on vocals. Music I cannot share with you yet, but I hope it is soon to come. A part of Totenwald´s performance will be a video screening behind them, which I´ve made out of footages of post apocalyptic movies and the Tunguska forest. I had a lot of fun working on it, but a pain in the neck saving in different video editing programs which did all but disappoint. Luckily the video is saved now after a few days of struggling!
I´ve already saw Metro Cult and Dystopian Society once, and I can´t wait to see them again! They are great contemporary post punk bands and deserve your attention! :)
I am still in the making of the flyer to the gig (yay for another creative project!) and I could hopefully present it to you soon, maybe after I return from Stockholm.

So far so good, hope to update you some more before I leave. And pictures from Stockholm will surely follow!

N. Finsternis


  1. sounds like an awesome trip! have fun!

  2. Wow, such a great news! Congrats to all achievements...! Pins look very cool... can't wait for pics and video from Stockholm! :) Have a nice time!

    1. hehe, thanks! we had a good time, pretty unusual as a whole :)