11 March 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge - Days 20, 21 & 22

Day 20: A good 80´s song

You´re too kind. How can I possibly pick only one?
So this one song is absolutely incredible, I can listen to it non stop. A song about Haifa, where I grew up in Israel.
The year is 1981, and I feel that the song is a beautiful combination of dub, post punk and ska.

The Specials / Ghost Town extended version

Day 21: A song with a name in it

This is a kickass song, it is insane and sexy. I just love the shittiest guitar sound that sounds so perfect!!

The Stooges / Ann

Day 22: A song that is over 7 minutes long

A few Opeth favorites I would have named, but I would like to share you one of the musicians I used to listen to while in high school. Boris introduced me to them, and we were being dragged into the pit of depression and complications all thanks to good old Peter Hammil, which we were so lucky to see live solo in 11th grade! With a group of geek and equally enthusiastic friends, we were the youngest people in the audience!
Listening to this song nowadays makes me question myself as to how come I hadn´t noticed how ridiculous and musical-like it sounds....

Peter Hammil / A Louse Is Not A Home

N. Finsternis 

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