6 March 2014

Blast From The Past: First Opeth Concert \m/

In December, the same year after I´ve finished high school at Summer, I went to my first ever Opeth concert (I saw them twice in total).
You can imagine how excited I was, since Opeth were and are my favorite band in the world, and back then they were absolutely everything for me, even more than the Post Punk I began to explore.
We drove to Tel Aviv by train with a couple of friends.

Get ready, this is how I looked like as an 18 year old:

I look like 12 here, right?? Natural hair, eyebrows undone, and absolutely no makeup. My face was 90% cheeks, so makeup wasn´t seen underneath my falling eyelids which made my eyes even more small. Oh, and I was tanned, well maybe not as much as I´d been in previous years...

You cannot tell, but I was chubbier back then. Luckily the baby fat disappeared a while after.

Fun Fact: I still have the shirt and pants, which by the way are my only trip pants! I bought them when I was at a summer camp of the arts at Boston the summer of that year. The shirt was a souvenir from Salem which I´ve visited with the camp. The belt serves me well to this day, one of my best finds at a very cheapy and trashy handbag shop.

I love it how I look absolutely nothing like myself today. It somehow excites me, to feel as if I have completely transformed in looks (and mind) from back then. The transformation also had a great deal with the changes in my life back then, since the happy childish face you see on the picture is soon to be gone.
I would be recruited to the army that same December, and my life would soon be a living hell, I would want to commit suicide and realize that living with my parents is the last place I would call home.
On top of that, Boris felt miserable in his army service as well, causing us both to disconnect and break up for 3 months, during which I´ve dated someone who I didn´t love at all, and suffered even more...

Luckily, dropping out from the army, throwing everything behind me and getting to live with Boris (who also dropped out) has made me who I am today, and made me feel happiness and self satisfaction again.
When I remember it, tell it to someone or write it here, it seems to me that before I began living on my own, I was a completely different person. I wasn´t really myself. It felt like waking up from a slumber. Funny but Boris feels the same way.

The Opeth concert was an unforgettable experience, I still have the photos :)

On that rather depressing note, I shall leave for another University free day, enjoying my Semester vacation as long as I don´t know the results of my finals.
I love you guys, stay strong and embrace your changes!

N. Finsternis


  1. Wow...I'd love to hear more about your time in the army. Was it mandatory or did you sign up? I had a friend from Isreal who said everyone had to spend some time in the army. Is that still true?

    1. Hehe, the time I am trying to avoid talking about, simply because it is too complicated and sometimes boring to explain. But yes, it is mandatory, but you can dropp out on psychological terms, which are being made up by people sometimes just to drop out. That was what I did,

    2. Yeah, I've got a few things in my past that are complicated/boring to explain as well. Good for you for getting out of it--I think drafts are terrible

    3. Terrible as they are, they don´t last forever, and you learn from them whenever you like it or not ;)

  2. I'm glad that you both have found your right track in life. I have also seen a concert of Opeth at a festival. I guess they are greater in other countries than their homecountry Sweden.

    1. Aren´t they great in Sweden? What a shame, yes there is quite a crowd for them in Israel :)