27 October 2014

10 Ungoth Confessions

When I was little, my mother always told me to be myself and to not blindly follow the crowd. This little rule goes for being goth or alternative for me, as being alternative within the mainstream society is fun, but a being non-conformist within the subculture itself- is gold.

And let this be a reminder to all of us to just be ourselves!! Regardless of the stuff we like or dislike. Never let the horde decide for you!

  1. Something I´ve mentioned here a couple of times: I absolutely hate The Sisters Of Mercy. I think they are overrated, boring and just silly. I´ve tried loving their music, I really did, and I can understand why people like them. But I don´t.

  2. I am not goth at home. I don´t wear makeup at home and couldn´t care less about my appearance. Home is where I wear most colors (or rather boring colorless clothes). My home isn´t goth either; aside from a bat wall and random party posters with goth icons on them I have very little "gothic home decor". I love having colors at home, I don´t think I could live with black walls and black everything around me XD
  3. Continuing the wardrobe section; I do wear almost only black, but I have a surprising amount of bright fuchsia underwear. Or just pastel colored underwear....

  4. Perhaps my biggest confession yet: I have absolutely no problem with pop culture. I enjoy the occasional pop hits (especially from my childhood), I love Katy Perry and Shakira, am amused by Nicki Minaj and love watching all those horrific music videos. I am somehow, though unintentionally, very updated with all that crap! You are always welcome to twerk with me, too. (I hope I broke your heart with this)
  5. I love watching trashy TV Series, like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. I will usually watch them until I am fed up with the plot/ characters. I just love the way they style those beautiful girls.
  6. Speaking of television material, I am a huge fan of Ru´Paul´s Drag Race. Although this reality show is less mainstream than others, (and if you don´t count Sharon Needles as goth) it still provides good stupid entertainment. I just love the show, my favorite season is Season 6, I know so many quotes even Boris knows them without watching one episode XD
    Girl, you got a shemail!

    I just had to share THE BEST lipsync battle of the 6th season!! Adore Delano is amazing!! Party!
  7. I am a Buzzfeed junky. No need to further explain.
  8. I adore the style of early 2000s. Back when early Christina Aguilera had her black/red hair stripes, those really weird latino booty shaking songs, Eminem who is just amazing, Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake and the list goes on and on. This is just another opportunity to tell you that I love pop music. A LOT.

    One of our favorite viral videos.
  9. I love Internet Memes, I even did a post about my favorite ones! Fortunately or unfortunately, internet memes have so much meaning for me when it comes to making jokes (Boris admits it too!). I can throw sentences one after another which would have meme connotations only. Boris and I frequently watch sketches like Ray William Johnson and the Russian version, This Is Хorosho to be updated on the most bizarre viral videos (as well as Fail Army of course).
  10. Finally, I cannot really call myself goth anymore! Not that it was the purpose of my life to categorize myself (disclaimer, disclaimer...), but I do listen to almost only new wave and post punk and very rarely enjoy gothic rock or other genres of gothic music. Post punk would be my favorite music genre, aside from the occasional Opeth and Agalloch.
    I love to DJ post punk and minimal wave, and I go to post punk parties only. In addition, I despise with all my heart having the need of people in the goth community to buy in commercial goth stores and I hate "mainstream German goth things", like Aggrotech parties and the German gothic magazines. My heart clings to DIY aesthetics and I would feel a lot better in a squat than in some fancy pub with skulls and coffins.

I hope you had fun with this as much as I did, and if you would like to share some of your own then amuse us all!
Have a great week everyone, and watch out for those poseurs! ;)

N. Finsternis


  1. This was a really funny and smart post, I loved it! :D It also made me think of that "Gothic: dark glamour" book, because in it the makers noted a possible future problem: Goth has many subgenres and there are many other darkly inclined subcultures. The problem is, that if the subgenres and other sinister subcultures do not "get along", social events like having gigs can fade out. It is economically impossible to host a gig for a subculture's subgenre, if that means in the area there are only 7 people who identify with that particular subgenre. If a gig night can combine two or three different dark music styles, and the people coming to listen are fine with it, the dark subcultures may thrive. :)

    1. Thank you! smart? wow, seldom on my part! XD
      totally agree with the subgenre problem. From friends in scandinavia I heard that this is exactly what they do: have gigs of a number of bands from different genres, so that not only all 5 goths will come to the show. It is a problem, then again it´s nice to gather different alternative people together. we are all what we have!

  2. I always like reading these posts about deviating from stereotypes and labels. I feel like people who care too much about fitting some goth criteria burn themselves out on the whole thing.

    1. Burn themselves out - that´s a very accurate description!

  3. some ungoth confessions of mine:
    1. I don't like thrillers, especially psychological thrillers and those that have underage actors. They ruin my mood and they make me feel horrible, I think that something might happen to me. And I believe it's morally wrong for a kid to play in a horror film. Many kids who have, afterwards developed psychological problems.
    2.I don't like death and decay. It goes against nature.
    3.I listen to many music genres: rock ( greek and english), rock n' roll, post-punk, pop, alternative rock, artful music (entehni mousiki in greek), gothic.
    4. I don't think the way I dress is 100% goth. I like dark jewel colours and also bright red and beige. I like sparkly things. I HATE those huge platform boots with a ton of buckles. I like leggings. I dislike unnatural hair colours, like blue or pink. I dilsike to look like a spectacle and I prefer looking more elegant and mysterious.

    1. Can totally agree on the thriller movies. I don´t like most horror movies, though psychological thrillers would be my favorite genre of movies hehe.
      I used to adore people who dress to impress, but actually nowadays I find it silly and unnecessary ;)
      Thanks for sharing!