24 October 2014

Eye Of Horus and DJ preparations

I recently purchased an eye of Horus necklace:

I found the cheapest one on Etsy for 4 euro total (with shipping) from this seller. There were 3 pendants in the package (forgot about that!) and came without the cord. I am very happy at the quality of the pendant, and the size didn´t disappoint either. Now I need to buy some more cords since other broken necklaces waiting to be worn.

sloppy face of the day. Roots need to be redyed but I  need to cut tips first.
 Tomorrow I am also taking part in organizing yet another The Wings Of Desire concert, which will take place in the squat, Tommy House.
TWOD are performing together with a post punk band from Amsterdam, Urbay Grey. I saw them live at the Minicave Festival in Münster earlier this month and can´t wait to see them again. They play very chill out, The Cure influenced post punk. I loved their drum machine especially, it was very groovy.

Do you like the poster I made? I used this fragment of The Horrors´ band pic.

Since the concert will be held in a squat it is appropriate to serve band food before the gig (a luxury I am happy to take advantage of on whenever Boris plays with TWOD or Totenwald). This time I have volunteered to help making the food, since I am not doing much anyway aside from DJing later that night. I had a lot of fun helping with veggie burgers before TWOD´s gig in Copenhagen, and it warms my heart to contribute this way.

This will be my second time DJing as well. I liked it so much the first time and had idea for songs ever since. It also saves Boris the hustle of arranging a DJ, and in Berlin everyone is a self proclaimed DJ....
So I set to myself a goal to play only post punk and guitar music. There is a horrible trend in Berlin for (apparently) several years now to play strictly minimal wave and unknown undancable songs, which annoys me beyond belief. So I try to bring some contemporary and old school post punk with some dark 80s hits and deathrock here and there. Let´s see if my DJ skills will improve this time, and if I´ll be brave enough to scatter the snob goths who ask for Sisters Of Mercy songs all the time :P

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, don´t forget to party!



  1. living the dream! I always wanted to dj! sure it'll be a great set!

    1. really? djing can be easy if you live in a big city with lots of events, bet you can make a good set too! didn´t write mine down though hehe