20 October 2014

The Magic Of Mobile Phone Photography

Just thought to share some beautiful Instagram creations, since after receiving my new Samsung Galaxy 3 from my parents as a birthday present I have been taking photos of nature non stop! Especially now that Autumn is in its glory, the surroundings is breathtaking!

Boris´ parents came to visit last week and we have been hanging out with them in the city. We´ve also had a lovely trip to Potsdam which is just half a hour away from Berlin. The weather was on our side and it was sunny for the most part. Luckily they came during the first week of university when things are yet to get stressful.

Fun Fact: I used to take pictures of nature on my mobile phone before it was cool to post it online. Back when I had my Sony Ericson I loved the camera so much I used to take pictures of trees all the time and even printed out some. It was during my high school years, and made me forever cherish the power of a mobile phone camera, as the colors and editing programs sometimes surpassed my digital cam! It is also much more convenient to carry with you. I still believe that you don´t need expensive equipment to take beautiful photos.

So since receiving a killer phone I have been inspired to bring that hobby back and enjoy making small but charming photos. I am having loads of fun with Instagram, more of their filters rather than the whole sharing experience. It brings me back to being in high school and being very inspired taking pictures of everything around me. I think that loving our surroundings is a feeling we
shouldn´t lose.

 I´ve deleted a number of selfies from my Instagram and decided to make it only nature-themed because of the reason above. I dedicate a respectful amount of time (and screen) to my own face here on this blog, and since I personally love browsing nature Instagrams more than the usual "goffik face of the day" ones.

A link to my Instagram can be found in the right column. I hope you´ve all been doing well and enjoying this beautiful Autumn!

N. Finsternis


  1. Those photos are so beautiful and eerie! I too have only recently found the magic of instagram. :D P.S. I love your hair, it is so classy but easy to modify to more fierce looks!

    1. thank you! Instagram makes for such a lovely hobby, I am surprised people are against it...
      and thank you again! Blonde hair is a good match with matte red lipstick.

  2. been loving your instagram photos lately!