14 October 2014

Top 10 Albums That Changed My Life

Because none of my friends on FB tagged me in this really interesting tag, I´ve decided to write a post about it here to compensate my annoyance. Besides, a lot could be said about the albums that have changed my life, so get ready for some music biography!

I am mentioning the albums which I still can listen to without feeling embarrassed or having the whole "how could I have listened to such bullshit?" feeling. Aka, the albums which still speak to me, which I can still re-discover; albums that are timeless for me.
As you might notice, the albums are placed in "order of discovering" through the years of my life. Needless to say this was quite a personal post, so I apologize in advance for being so melodramatic this time!

1. Queen / A Night At The Opera

Once in 9th grade I have been telling my mother how a classmate of mine was constantly listening to Queen. Then my mother said that we had this album on a (burned) CD. I was mesmerized from the moment I heard this album. I was playing classical music at the time and I was happy to hear influences of it. Needless to mention Freddy Mercury´s divine voice, and generally killer melodies in every song. I also love how prog. rock this album is, yet every song is very catchy and fun to sing along to. This one is good for awakening your inner drag queen, because you just can´t overhear the fabulousness. My favorite song is The Prophet´s Song.

2. The Doors / The Doors

Classic rock albums are very much linked to meeting Boris for me, as most of these bands I discovered from him. The Doors are no exception, This album brings back a lot of romantic memories, being 15 and madly (well, still) in love, listening to so much new music I had no idea existing. And that this music was automatically connected to the one person I am in love with. Listening to the Doors in the beginning of high school, Boris walking me out to the central bus station after spending the entire day at his place... this album is very positive, and I sometimes can feel myself blushing while listening to it, even after 8 years.

3. King Crimson / In The Court Of The Crimson King

I have been mentioning my progressive rock days from high school. A lot of bands I have left behind, but this one I can still enjoy. There is so much in every song that it is hard to write just a few sentences... From crazy prog rock jams, mystical hippie tunes and the fact Opeth has stolen the harmony of the song Epitaph almost completely is what I love in this album. I think that people who listen to various music genres could still enjoy this album.

4. The Cure / Three Imaginary Boys

I know that this is a far representative of The Cure. I know they have so much to offer rather than this adolescent album. But somehow the simplicity of it makes me love it each and every time. the songs are catchy, a lot more punky which is a major plus. This album is happy and sad at the same time, I like to listen to it when I am in a very good mood. One of my favorite songs is Fire In Cairo.

5. Tones On Tail / Everything!

I first discovered this band during a summer camp in Boston that I attended at the end of high school. One of the camp instructors saw my diy Einstürzende Neubauten shirt and approached me to talk about music. He then said that I would like to listen to Tones On Tail and even uploaded the album to my mp3 player. Listening to Everything! brings good and bad memories from that time, as on the one hand I was so happy to discover more post punk and to actually meet a person who knew such (for myself at the time) rare music. On the other hand that summer camp in Boston was a very melancholic experience for me, as because of the amazing environment, the creative activities we did made me realize that childhood has come to an end, and after the summer camp ended I would have to come back to Israel, wait a few months and then would be requited to the army. I felt that something inside me had died, and feel like it every time I listen to songs like Burning Skies and Real Life. Quite a nostalgic feeling this album has...

6. Opeth / My Arms Your Hearse

Yes, it was hard to pick only one Opeth album, as you probably know by now that Opeth have been my everything when it came to music. This is my favorite band, ever. I have been listening to them for 8 years now and I still have the same emotions for their early albums as I did back when I was 15. This album however stands out, since it has been my life saver at the most horrible time- my army service in Israel. When I was forced to not be myself; when I had to dress and behave unlike my self; when I was forced to do things and to communicate with people who were the complete opposite to what I have been wishing for in my life - Opeth reminded me who I was; this album reminded me of myself, of who I was deep inside. It is very hard for me to describe how I felt back then, and the low place I´ve been in. The song Madrigal still brings grim memories...

7. Agalloch / The Mantle

Another metal band which has touched me almost as much as Opeth did. The Mantle is a very spiritual album for me, as for once I can relate to the lyrics and (surprisingly) find so much personal meaning in them. I love the dark atmosphere of this album and love listening to it in Winter. Agalloch are really inspiring for me as well, and The Mantle is the kind of "think and reflect on the happenings" album for me.

8. And Also The Trees / A Retrospective 1983- 1986

I keep on listening to this album for more than 2 years. And Also The Trees are one of my favorite post punk bands, and their poetic vibe is what does it for me. Some songs inspire me to write. Almost each song in this complication is my favorite, I cam listen to them regardless of my mood. Boris also likes this album a lot and we love to discuss it sometimes, as we can still rediscover songs like Twilight´s Pool.

9. Scofferlane / Veto

Although I´ve avoided mentioning albums that have been a part of my life for less than a couple of years, I cannot hold myself from not mentioning Scofferlane. I have been listening to this album for more than 2 years, and it has been on repeat ever since we´ve moved to Berlin. Oh, how I try not to fangirl on their Facebook page! The fact that this marvelous creation has been made by people living in Russia amazes me. I am dying to see this band live, and am very close in bringing them to Berlin on my budget - just so you get the idea how I love their music! Scofferlane is Nick Cave meets psychedelic rock meets sexy post punk. You can listen to the album here on their website.

10. Утро / Семнадцатое Ноября - Utro / Seventeenth Of November

Yet another Russian (!!) post punk band. Almost 2 years with this album and everything we have been through in Berlin is connected with it. I was introduced to this band by my very good friend Marta, whom I met here in Berlin. I am very excited every time I hear this album. It is the feeling of something new, an adventurous mystery that fills me whenever I hear the song Ritual. Even my friend sort of joke about me whenever it comes to listening to Utro, as I am that of a hardcore fan.

This post is a nice example of how little of gothic music I listen to! And this post took "only" a couple of days to write.
As this is also a tag, you are also welcome to write about the albums, songs or bands that have changed your life! I know I am going to continue this with "Top 10 Songs That Changed My Life" post.

N. Finsternis


  1. I love how bands and albuns can mean so much to us. It's not only a single song that describes our lives, it is also an entire work that influenced us somehow. I didn't have the guts to show people the albuns that changed my life when someone tagged me on facebook to do it, but that's only because I'm really jealous of my music, HAHA.

    Opeth is my boyfriend's favourite band as well, and he got me hooked to it for a while, HAHA. I still like it a lot, but I don't listem to it so often anymore. Agalloch is also another band that my boyfriend made me listen to, and The Mantle is probably my favourite album by them. I think the cover actually has a lot to say about it: it's really good to listen to it on snowy days, when everything seems so desolated...

    I can't say much about the other albuns because I really didn't listen to most of them, or simply didn't pay attention so none of them actually influenced me in any way.

    I just love the fact that you don't listen sooo much to gothic music, because neither do I and, even though I don't consider myself gothic, I really like the subculture, haha. :)

    1. Opeth and Agalloch are practically the only metal bands I listen to, except for the occasional Burzum and Blind Guardian. I try to keep a varied music taste even though I still enjoy a lot of goth music, yet more song than album-wise I guess. Albums are just such a personal thing for me, and it is always a good surprise when I can enjoy an entire album of a band, which happens rarely.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to scofferland....wow that song is so cool. Utro is also really cool. I love the almost surf-rock guitar

    1. scofferlane...lol they're so cool i spelled their name wrong.

    2. Scofferlane are so fucking sexy... and those surf guitar at Utro are my life. I also love the reverb explosion, it took me at least 10 times listening to that song to understand what he was singing in Russian, and still I am not quite sure XD