19 March 2015

Things that made me happy this month

A stressful time is behind me and I´ve had just the most blissful day after walking through town in the warm weather wearing my favorite clothes and went for some second hand searching. I felt drunk, even though not drinking anything. My day has been that good.

Just wanted to write about the things that have made me happy through the annoying everyday life this past month. Even when I wasn´t necessarily in a bad mood, here are some things that made me smile recently:


from my Instagram

I sometimes flood, like a bunch of pictures from people I don´t know or just search for different hashtags for hours, but in the end it´s the lovely picture editing that does it for me. And it makes me happy when people like my pictures, just like instagram conditions you to be. It gives me a nice feeling. 
My recent favorite picture editor is Aviary, I really recommend it (unless you haven´t been living in a tank like me and have been using it forever now).

Suddenly liking a band I´ve disliked before

I´ve never liked Sonic Youth- they were too vague for me, plus they don´t have, as Boris puts it, a "face", which makes them ever more vague. But somehow recently they are all the music I want to hear (aside from our little Placebo fever, continue reading), and it is suddenly that I realize that them being vague is exactly what does it for me. I still don´t quite like the singing at times, but the instrumentals are killing it in every song!!

Taking relaxing selfies after coming home

Taken today after my lovely day. I am not sad in the pictures as I might appear to be, I just had my melancholic photogenic face on. I love coming home with the urge to take pictures out of nowhere, then edit them a little and think where to post them, I know it´s silly but it feels nice.

Fangirling with Boris over Placebo

Boris has been having a Placebo fever: in all our years together I have been telling him here and there that I actually love a few songs by this band and would listen to them on occasion (before their music depressed me to bits). Boris would always cringe and make a face, saying he hated their guts.
Well what do you know- these past couple of weeks this is literally the only band he listens to. It gets better- he loves the lyrics, Molko´s singing, he watches their live videos every day, he has managed to brainwash all of the people around him by playing Placebo songs and asking what they thought about them and he even tuned his guitar like Molko does to see how it would sound.
It escalated to the point when we spent an entire evening together looking at videos of Molko and Olsdal kissing on stage like the true fangirls we are.
I am happy I´ve had a chance to know the band better, they have some amazing songs.
The best part? We´ve never listened to Placebo as teenagers, so we cannot remember embarrassing adolescent times while enjoying to their music. Late bloomer realness.


While writing my paper for uni I haven´t had time for reading. The last good book I read was To Kill A Mockingbird (no, I haven´t read a lot of the classic literature in the English language at school). The last bad one was Ulyses- I´ve tried forcing myself on it but it was stupidly boring. 
So I said fuck it and got a few books from the library that I would actually enjoy and learn something from.
I am now with The Great Gatsby, which Boris had recommended me. It is perfect so far. Some further classics will follow.

Those will do for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

N. Finsternis


  1. This was such a wonderful post, I loved it! Telling about those little things that make you happy spreads the happiness to your readers too. ^_^ Oh, and btw, you inspired me to write about feminism and I am going to post it next week, so thank you already in advance!

    1. that´s awesome! can´t wait for that post!!

  2. true, i love to surf instagram and see all those beautiful pictures of even more beautiful things and people, so inspiring!

  3. I wasn't a fan of sonic youth either...for kind of the same reason. Just ok, not amazing. I do find myself liking more the song you posted. I too have been enjoying your instagram feed

    1. nice, I loved that entire album, it´s like every song there stands out.