17 March 2015

Face Of The Night- Drag Race

I am missing today´s screening of Drag Race because of work, when I remembered I haven´t posted my makeup look from the premiere of the show 2 weeks ago.

I need to buy new chargeable batteries for my camera, phone pictures for now...
I didn´t want to go crazy with makeup too much, but I´ve missed my purple eyeshadow and black lipstick. Fringe has been cut since then and is almost entirely natural hair by now. I am excited how my second coat of henna will look like, want to make the orange a lot darker, even though the radiance of the first coat has faded only slightly (seem better in natural lighting). 

Spring is slowly making it´s way. It has become a lot warmer, I have finished my uni assignments and can relax, with up to 3 working days a week. A dear friend is coming to visit us from Copenhagen at the end of the month and I will have a little vacation. So excited to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Wardrobe change is in plan as well. For now I have a goal to buy only new stuff to replace the old, which is a new jacket to diy for patches and pins, and Vans shoes (never had those before!).

Have a wonderful week!

N. Finsternis


  1. hm id like to see a closeup of your eyedo ^^

  2. This violet make up is super beautiful! I love how the matte lipstick compliments the bright colors in your eye make up! :)

    1. thanks! I also love to replace the violet with red sometimes.