14 September 2015

Berlin Folsom Fest

We had seen pictures of it online before but had no idea what it was, until we finally saw the official event in Siegessäule, Berlin´s biggest queer magazine.
Folsom Fest a fetish/ leather/ rubber street festival of the gay community. It began in San Francisco in the 80s, and is being held in Berlin since 2003.
Different events and play parties are held during an entire week, but one day is dedicated to when all gather to show off their puppies, best leather accessories and basically it felt like an October Fest with everyone sitting eating wurst and drinking beer. Only in leather. Or half naked.

I have tried to pick the less NSFW pictures...

We even met Israel Mr. Leather, and I was so excited I didn´t even know what face to make. He was super nice, what an honor!!!

The fest was great, the atmosphere was amazing and there was indeed much to look at. Definitely again next year!

N. Finsternis


  1. This looks great! I was at the Glasgow Free Pride event, and it had a similarly great atmosphere. :)

    1. there was a Mr. Rubber Ireland at the fest too, and one guy dressed like a scott :D

  2. Oh, those anthros. Seems like a fun festival. Loving the new hair BTW.

  3. Simply fantastic! ^_^ Great photos and you looks so pretty and happy. <3