6 September 2015

Dye them black + Autumn thoughts

Long time no face of the night posts. It has been two and a half years and I have gone full circle, back to having black hair. I have terribly missed it.
Surprisingly I have missed the "darker" look black hair gives, and wanted to look more "alternative" and ever "gothier". Wow, next thing you know I will be worshiping the devil.

The days have become a lot colder here in Berlin, Autumn is coming at last and with it the anticipation for change, darker days, cosier clothes, Opeth and inspirations from music genres other than post punk.

My current musical obsession are Riverside and My Dying Bride. Just like with black hair, I love going back to things, especially to certain bands that have influenced me as a teenager. I have missed (for the lack of a better umbrella term) dark metal about mental struggles and misery.
I am starting to think it has influenced the kind of music I would love to make myself, at least lyrics-wise. Although I lack composing talents, I can only make something up through collaborating with someone. And it feels so satisfying, taking me to a deeper and safe space in my mind that is only rarely gets touched, and is very personal.

So much for seasonal musings.

 Have a wonderful beginning of Autumn everyone! (I have no idea what season are you people in the southern hemisphere at but it freaks me out to know it is the opposite to what we have here).

Gotta hate most metal album covers though

N. Finsternis


  1. Black hair suit you, but I thought you were going to grow them to show your natural colour?

    Today in Greece the tempeerature was 33 celcius with a lot of humidity, so I feel like it's still summer. I hope the weather will cool down soon, because I'm bored sweating every time I go out

    1. yeah well I was until fringe was natural hair and then I lost my patience.
      No autumn in Israel either (well there´s no autumn there in general) central europe feels like the season already :)

  2. I can (or at least I think I can) understand what you wrote about composing. I lack artistic skills when it comes to drawing and painting but I sometimes have great ideas for paintings/drawings. ^_^*

    That hair is so beautiful, black suits you well and it looks classic goth! I occasionally dream of black hair but could not keep up covering the roots. My own color is light grey with not much pigment. Light shines through it on a sunny day. :( After 3 weeks the roots would look terrible. I plan to get a nice new black wig but have not find a good goth-y one yet.

    1. the opposite was with blonde hair for me- the roots looked black and even if it was kind of in fashion it was really annoying. My roots looked fine when I had black hair and it was so easy to keep up with.

  3. I really love it on you! It looks great with the brown eye shadow you've been using recently. I often find myself coming back to things I used to love; there's something comforting about it.

    1. Thank you so much! When you come back you see the same thing with different eyes.