16 November 2015

Recent musical discoveries

While I am still waiting for our wedding pictures, which are taking an unsettling long time, here is some of the music that has been inspiring me lately.

Also, you might notice the new blog design. I thought bringing some hipster to the front could be nice, I got tired of the old school goth *gasp!*.

Regardless (or not?), if you are in a dreamy, bittersweet mood, you have come to the right post.


I am going to see them again this month, as their gig this Summer has had me transfixed ever since. I love how soft they sound on the recording, and how surprisingly heavy and even more psychedelic they sounded on stage. I just can´t wait for the gig!
It´s not a really "new" music discoverie, but I just wanted to share this band again.



So what I did was to click on a bunch of suggested similar bands after listening to a couple of songs of The Underground Youth on YouTube (my favorite way of discovering new music), and I discovered Cigarettes After Sex. In a similar dreamy-shoegaze fashion, this band is all about atmosphere and a bit of sadness, nice for spending quiet afternoons at home (PS they do claim to play in the genre of "slow motion", can´t say no to that).

To be honest with you I am surprised I actually like this kind of music, I would normally consider something like this to be too vague or plainly overdone (I despise shoegaze of course). But I ended up listening only to these guys recently.



Clicking on to the next recommended band, and I ended up spending an entire evening (most of which consisted of preparing for a night out) with an entire album by Wild Nothing. It left me very content and carefree!
This band is a sensible combination of The Smiths and The Cure. And I would normally smirk at the emulation of the two in this band´s music, but they are just so damn good, you have to try!

Should I make this a regular post series? Would you like to discover new music with me?
Let me know and please do share bands that you think I would like, especially if they are contemporary and have some kind of post punk influence.

N. Finsternis


  1. I've been listening to hipster music myself these days. I think you might like lemons by Ty Segall. Pretty much the only album I listen to these days

    1. Thank for the recommendation, they sound great!! I missed some garage punk these days!!

  2. I think is very interesting! I found difficult discover new bands (Do you know any good web abouth goth music, by the way?). And with this kind of posts we can share ideas :D

    1. cool, happy to hear your enthusiasm!
      I personally prefer checking out youtube for recommended videos. You can use spotify, last.fm or goth radio playlists, like deathrock radio etc.
      I know that there´s a lot of FB groups about goth music, especially 80s.
      Also, an amusing trick is to bluntly type "band similar to..." in google search ;)