12 January 2016

Recent Obsession- Bralettes

Just a casual post for me to cope with David Bowie´s death, nothing unusual here...

I know I am probably the last person to catch up on this trend, but last year I have discovered the joy of not wearing a bra, adorning your body and wearing a bra at the same time: the bralette,

I came across one in H&M whilst I was yet again supporting the corporation on their successful third world country exploitation. And I just couldn´t resist myself. With the bralette, I mean.

I know this would not be a solution for the bustier of people out there, but it worked for me, so that´s why I am writing about it. It´s prettier than a sports bra and has no traces of the torture of wearing a normal bra. I am even happy to wear it at home sometimes.

I suppose this would work well with see through outfits for that nu goth look. I have worn mine in this somewhat 80s look:

And that would be the only picture of myself in a bra for this post. Who do you think I am?
More gothier versions found online:

It works if you´re into the witchy looks, the bondage stuff or just love pretty lacy things. There are tutorials out there for making one yourself, good luck.

Here is a possible outfit, one of millions that I found on Pinterest. I was never into the whole Polyvore thing, so this outfit is not a representation of me (just disclaiming here to not give you false expectations on how people should or should not dress).



  1. Haha, we're twins! I've been looking into bralets too coincidentally, and I'm actually considering making some; given there's no need for underwiring, it should be fairly simple.

  2. I like them visually, but they don't really last more than a few wears... Even with hand washing. I bought a bunch when they were popular, and the elastic is dead on all of them

    1. oh really? I wash them in a lingerie bag, it´s bin a few months now and they are ok. I have 2 wired ones that I absolutely love and am surprised they still last.

  3. I absolutely love the way they look but sadly I could never pull them off.

    1. I never make them visible as always suggested. Just because the shape is comfy but not really boob-enhancing as I would like public demonstrated bras to be ;)