2 April 2016

Dystopain - a poerty book by d0ll (interview)

I love making interviews when I have the chance, so here is a recent one with d0ll - DJane, alt model and writer, who's collection of free verse poetry is now up online in Amazon Kindle books!

D0ll's direct and piercing poems are screaming with themes such as self image, romance and feeling anti-social in today's society, and self-made photographs from her travels cluster a search into one's self that is very personal and easily relatable.

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M: When did you start writing poetry? What inspired you to?

D: I first started writing poems during my teenage years. I think it all started as a way to deal with emotions, experiences and the outside world. To this day, some of my writings are as if therapeutic in a way, helping me digest negative experiences and feelings and helping me remember the positive ones and all the shades in between. The other kind of poetry I write is more social or sometimes anti-social and written a little bit from a different perspective.

From Anxiety:

"Armor of inner safety falls on the floor
Attraction that leads to self-destruction
Astonishment that reaches you deeper
Angry voices screaming
At you
Aggression strikes you like a bell that tolls
A hand moves on the handle on the door..."

M: Your poems are very straightforward – we get to see the writer and become her. Were you inspired by any writers or poets in particular? (Or any other literature you are inspired by?)

D: There are certain writers and poets that I enjoy reading very much, especially classics – Honoré Balzac, Oscar Wilde, Vladimir Nabokov, Jane Austen. I like reading romantic poetry, but also modern and post-modern poetry, I enjoy horror stories, historic fiction and some (mainly older) detective fiction. But I’m open to a plenty of genres if I feel a book has something interesting tell me and is able to draw and keep my attention. As much as I love literature, I don’t see myself as influenced by any writers in particular. Although it might be a question that’s easier to answer for someone reading my poetry or short stories. I would say my inspiration from writing comes from what I observe around myself or from my experience, some of it from music, paintings, drawings and photographs that I have seen. I’ve noticed that surrealist and expressionist artworks tend to move me and influence me. A bit of my inspiration might also flow from post punk music ;)

M: Self-image is a recurring theme in the book, what has moved you to focus on it?

D: To me poetry is like a mirror reflecting the same person, the same picture or surroundings every time you look in it, but from various angles and in a changing light. So my poems, for a part, are as if my own mirror reflecting everything through my eyes only my viewpoint is slightly changing with time. But I have also written poems that attempt to look at myself from a different person’s perspective.

From The Sea Remains Silent:

"I stand here and wait 
In hope that I will feel 
Your ghost somewhere near 
A last gust of the wind 
A last touch on my skin
You don’t seem to come back
To say goodbye I fear"

M: Is writing a process that occurs easily to you, or do you need to be in a specific mindset in order to write?

D: Writing is a process that happens automatically, in my case, anyway. I sometimes get an urge to write and must write down what it is on my mind. Or if I cannot do that immediately, I try to hold the thought, the words in my mind and scribble it as soon as I can. I never “decide” to write, in fact sometimes I am tired and just want to sleep or do nothing, but my inspiration won’t wait. And many times, I write almost despite myself, drowning in a particular negative experience again for some time, in order to “process“ it into a poem.

M: Aside from writing you also DJane and model. These are all very different mediums of self-expression, what do you experience with each? Which do you connect with more?

D: These diverse mediums have become important parts of my life. I must say that writing is very often connected to negative emotions and experiences in my life – or realizing certain precious and positive moments after they’ve already passed. Still, I feel a sense of satisfaction and peace after finishing a poem or a short story, after expressing an emotion or a vision in its whole.
DJing is an activity that is linked to pleasure in my mind, the cheer of enjoying great music and letting others enjoy it with me, giving some joy also to those that are listening in a way. It’s also about always discovering new music that I enjoy or don’t enjoy. It is, like with many things, a process of continuous education.
Modelling is attractive to me, mostly because of cooperating with creative and talented people and combining our ideas and turning them into something new every time. I like seeing the results just as much as I enjoy the process of creation.

From Piece Me Together:

"I keep on writing this story 
Which I can’t seem to finish 
And the same events always occur 
At the end of the day 
When you look at me
Don’t say you’re sorry 

The suffering is self-inflicted 
It takes one girl to break 
This body and mind
Don’t say you’re sorry

Just make sure 
I’m not out of sight"

M: You chose English for your poetry. Why so, and are you planning on writing in other languages?

D: I didn’t choose English, I think English chose me. ;) It has been the most natural language to write in for me for years, despite not being my mother tongue. To this day, all poems and short stories I have written are in English with the exception of one poem, which is in Slovak. Maybe in the future I will write in Dutch as well. Depends on what will feel natural to me. Anyway, I think Dutch is a poetic language and I’m fluent in it, so I might as well write in it someday.

M: Anything else you would like to add? 

D: Thank you for asking me your thoughtful questions. For anyone reading, I hope you enjoyed this introduction of the person responsible for writing the book Dystopain. There’s more to come in the not-so-far future. ;)

Get the book on Amazon Kindle edition.

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All pictures by d0ll.

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