28 March 2016

Latest Music Favorites

I wanted to do a favorites post but there were too many materialistic things that are yet to be photographed, so why not do music favorites instead? 
Because everyone will take the time to listen to the songs I'll post here, obviously...

Consider this post a playlist from me to you ♥

And Also The Trees / So This Is Silence

This is one of my favorite post punk bands, and I was happy to find this song from their first album, I somehow haven't heard it yet!!
 I know it's a pretty "dramatic dark post punk oh so goth now" song but I just love how anguished the singer sounds and the guitars are perfect, the bass is threatening and the atmosphere is just right.
Still dying to see them live. They are also one of the few bands the lyrics of which I actually want to read.

"The boy walked round the jagged rocks
caught between ideals and desires
He sinks into oblivion
And there was silence, as he sat so still
Averted face stares at the floor"

And Also The Trees / Candace

I have to post this other song by them that I recently discovered, which is exactly the opposite in atmosphere to the one above. This song is from their acoustic album When The Rains Come released in 2009, which I haven't listened to yet.
I pretty much poked everyone around me with this song and I usually feel like posting is on FB more than once a day, but I hold myself back. The drums will make you cry and the text is so, so sad...

"But not to me she's lying 
with her head on my knees
The sound of the roof then she's suddenly
Not with me anymore
And the shapes slide brighter than before"

The Smiths / Suffer Little Children

I've mentioned getting into The Smiths' first album a while ago, and the last song there touched me most. I don't know why, it has a certain introverted character to it only The Smiths can deliver.
I like the thought that every Smiths song can be played perfectly just with an acoustic guitar. Something in the composition of it excites me. Less is more, or something like that hehe.

King Crimson / Starless

I wanted to include Fallen Angel instead, but it's not available on youtube here in Germany so might as well be another amazing song from their amazing album Red. King Crimson are one of my favorite progressive rock bands, because they can get so dark...
I don't listen to progressive rock that often anymore but it's nice to come back to it and get inspired to play music and do things differently. Mainly because the musicians making it are so damn amazing.

If you want to take a HUGE step out of the post punk closet - give me your hand and listen to this.

Marylin Manson / Birds Of Hell Awaiting

Here's to a soft mainstream landing to end the post. I never liked Manson's music, it never excited me and sounded more like layers of production, gimmicks and concepts over actual music. But to be honest with you, his last album is actually pretty good! Still horribly superficial, but it's all blues songs, and blues is, as we all know - eternal, and can rarely sound bad.
So I'm kind of proud of Manson to be taking a different direction. There's a new person playing the guitar there and it sounds really cool and dark. Now I think I will actually like to see him live for a change.

The entire album Pale Emperor is very recommended, here's a youtube link.

Tell me in the comments if you liked any of these! What have you been listening to lately?

Maria Alexander


  1. And Also The Trees is coming to WGT this year, I'm intrigued so I might check them out!

    1. woah good to know, here's a reason to pay the 120 euros for wgt this year lol

  2. Você tem um gosto musical excelente, excluindo o Marylin Manson :D

    Hug from Brazil!

    1. excluding Marylin Manson? XDD good one! I hope I got it right at least haha.

    2. hahaha I said his musical taste is excellent, excluding Marylin Manson!! Yes :P

  3. I love "So This is Silence", it's one of my favorite AATT songs! It's a great song to listen to when I'm writing.

    As for the rest, I'll definitely check them out!

    Great post! :)