26 July 2016

Berlin Pride 2016

Saturday was pride parade, and Boris, a friend and I went to march with the masses through Berlin.
Fun Fact: the reason why the parade was moved to Juli and did not take place in June like everywhere else in the world is because of the soccer World Cup. Now that's Germany for you!

The amount of people was crazy, and like every year there were a ton of wagons and people dressed in costumes.
Boris and I found the parade to be too political in the unfortunate sense of the word - there were more trucks of major corporations (who supported the parade, no doubt) and (left wing) political parties which looked like they were more propagandizing their own name through the parade.
Unlike last year, there was less involvement of people from the community.  where you could see many marginalized groups (for example - LGBTQA representatives of East European countries) bringing their people together.
We had an idea to maybe suggest having a queer-goth wagon (or group) next year, we know so many people who would potentially make this happen!

Otherwise we had a lot of fun and were dead tired in the end of the day. Our friend took some pictures:

they were Czech!



  1. never been to a pride parade, i'd like too, it's so full of colours and fun outfits!

    1. yeah, the atmosphere is great and you can always dance on the streets :)

  2. Well corporations could be supporting worse causes. Send like a fun time. Love the superqueers!

    1. true, they were all left wing but still it felt like dry propaganda instead of support hehe.