19 July 2016

Studio Recording Experience

This past weekend we've locked ourselves for a 3-day recording marathon at Blackstone Studios. We were recommended the studio by two acquaintances (one of them being H.U. Unrüh of Einstürzende Neubauten ftw!!!) and the date was set in advance.

We had a lot of fun recording. Everything turned out as planned and we even managed to slip in an additional song (where I sing!) which wasn't planned. I think we worked really well together as a whole and everyone was satisfied with the process and the result so far.

The best part was working with the studio-sound engineer-guy, Gerrit. We weren't wrong to assume that he really liked our music and we felt that he enjoyed working with us as well. It's such a great feeling of having your creative process in good hands. It also works as a sort of feedback, when a person outside the band takes the song apart and composes it together again. it makes you look at your music differently, also from the eyes of a professional.
Gerrit also suggested some creative ideas here and there that were very helpful, and overall we had very good chemistry which I consider to be huge luck.

I have recorded in a studio before a few times before and it has usually been incredibly stressful for me and I felt like placing myself under a lot of pressure, with the intention of making everything perfect.
Luckily this time was different, somehow things were running smooth, maybe thanks to me being more self confident about the instrument I play and the people I play with. And again, having someone sitting at the controls that you can trust helped a lot.

Here is a snippet of when Maike (the drummer) was recording some tambourine realness:

So aside from everything else. some cool psychedelic patterns were found...

 and some deep connections were made...

Can't wait to go on from here!
Happy week everyone, saturday in Pride Parade in Berlin, so I hope to blog after that as well :)



  1. Very cool! It's cool you guys are going all out instead of just doing it at home with software. I'm sure it makes a huge difference with a professional sound guy

    1. thanks!! yeah it does, we also don't want to be too underground. I think recording stuff at home sis great when you have the equipment for it, but it's way easier when you make electronic or synth music, things start getting complicated when you have live drums hehe