13 July 2016

Some BAND News

Thought I'd update you on how our band Girls Like Us are doing, since all of my friends are tired of hearing about it via FB.

I am ambitiously trying to warp my head around the whole "band vs. social media" thing, mainly because my goal is to reach out to potential "fans" who would be outside of our friend circle (someone should give a damn about our music out there, right?).

I mean, we don't have anything released yet (but soooooonn...) and we don't have a cool video that people can occasionally stumble across on youtube, and digging out people from Facebook to like our page (who are not our friends!) is a pretty difficult task on its own...

So, I made this low-fi video for our song Not Enough:

And I made us a band Instagram! You can follow us at @girlslikeus.band. Now we are to conquer the internet for sure...

This whole self-promotion thing is pretty new to me, so I can only hope I am doing it right. Some people like to discover music through youtube (I am among them), so this was the thought behind making the video above. Funny though, with the VHS looking visuals the original recording doesn't sound half bad! I would have loved to upload a different song with our current drummer, but we do not have that yet.

Speaking of which, this weekend we are locking ourselves in the studio for a recording marathon, the result of which is supposed to go to labels who would hopefully release it/book us gigs/support us for life.
Whether or not that plan will work is a good question, but we can at least try. The main priority is to gig like crazy atm, which is not an easy task as it is - Berlin is a small place (can you believe it?!) and gigging anywhere out of your own city is always a good thing. Boris has been working on that, and I am focusing on social media, which has been fun so far.

I like the idea how Instagram can give you a more personal picture (pun intended) of the band, like going behind the scenes and not being as official as on Facebook. Showing something with a picture attached is always a good tactic nowadays.
But now I certainly understand the amount of promotion going in to, say, a small business, which for me is what our band really is. We don't want to stay underground, we want to be out there. And surprisingly enough not all bands want that, especially not in the gothic subculture, which we stay away from like fire. No use locking yourself in tight categories, we need to be out there, urgh!



  1. Wow! I really like what you've posted; great sound!
    I'd say youtube is a pretty great way of obtaining fans across the pond-- heck I would not have known otherwise lol.

    1. hey, thanks so much for checking us out! I am happy you liked it, and you're welcome to spread the word around :P

  2. I like this song. He's got a really good voice. it kind of reminds me of nick cave during his birthday party years. great job with the video too. that vhs look is very in....i know there's a specific name for that glitchy/raw 90s low-fi look but can't remember the name of it.

    1. Thanks so much!!! yeah The Birthday Party are a huge inspiration, and even though we didn't want to copy them too much it still kind of leaks through hehe (and Boris is a huge Nick Cave fan)