22 August 2016

Band pictures for a book

Hi, I came back from Uzbekistan, and there is an issue with my camera's memory card, so no single photo from the trip is accessible at this point. You can guess how upset I am as I am unable to share all the crazy adventures we've had with the many cool photos I took.

I wanted to update with a few pictures we did with our band more than a month ago. Our drummer works at Cornelsen, a German book publisher (German readers - does this say anything to you?) and as they were working on a music education book, her coworker asked us to model as a band!
And yes, we will actually appear in the book!

Most of the pictures were stock-like photos: someone holding a drum stick, fingers on a guitar neck, etc. But the photographer took the time for some single shots and gave us permission to use them, so here are a few:

I kind of wish I wore something else

lol not even half the drumset is there XD
All pictures taken by Michael Miethe.

Till next time, and hopefully I can restore the memory card by then!