8 August 2016

Summer Holiday Time

Time for me to go for 2 weeks to Uzbekistan again to visit my beloved family. My parents + brother came already from Israel a week ago and everyone is awaiting me and Boris. It's going to be a huge family meeting and there is even a wedding of one of the family members towards to end of the trip. I am excited - little to no internet, foreign culture experience, insane heat and too much food are going to happen!
I'm going to take a bunch of pictures to share my adventures with you.

Our band is going on vacation as well, since our drummer is going to bike her way through south Germany. We wish her luck, sure sounds like fun.

On top of that, 2 weeks after we come back from Uzbekistan we're going to visit London with Boris' parents. We have never been to the city of punk before so I am looking forward to that as well.

Meanwhile, enjoy this armadillo version of Rock The Casbah I made:

Happy rest of summer everyone!



  1. Have fun! I'm always excited to read about your impressions from experiencing different cultures.