30 November 2016

Opeth Fanfiction?!!?! (an Opeth kind of post)

Just one more post about music memes and I'll stop, I promise.

Anywho, I thought I was a pretty self convinced Opeth fan - one who can sing all the drum, bass, rhythm and lead guitars, as well as main and back vocals (+ lyrics) throughout an entire concert, as well as know all the tracks on the set list (just a snippet of how incredible their concert was last week, can blog about it for days), as well as know all the albums by heart and consider more than 50% of the songs to be their favorite Opeth songs...

But boy was I wrong, apparently I am not entirely a crazy Opeth fanatic (for one, I don't even own an Opeth shirt, shame on me, and don't own their entire discography on vinyl or cd, so at least I have something to strive for).
Furthermore, I do not make crazy-ass Opeth memes, which is a shame, since they pretty much describe ME:

But there's more - and when I say more, I mean there's something more hardcore than just making harmless memes about music.
And it is what I like to call Opeth Fanfiction, specifically crossing Opeth's frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree etc).

Back story: Åkerfeldt and Wilson are known to work in the past, especially for Wilson producing Opeth's (finest) album Blackwater Park, thus having quite a big impact on Opeth's musical style. Wilson is known for moody (unexciting) music, which fitted with Opeth's dark and melancholic world very well. Åkerfeld's clean singing and Wilson's vocals sound very similar as well, as can be heard on the song Bleak from Blackwater Park.

In short, the collaboration was a success. Looks like some people took it to the next level, bringing you the perfect prog musician gay crossover. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I love Opeth more than any other band in the world with all my heart, and I love to dwell into the realm of homosexual fiction writing every now and again; but I have never in my right mind thought of crossing my favorite musician, as much as I love musicians in general, and long haired men in particular. 
And that is my friends, a brand new kind of crazy, and I just want to find the person who did these memes and hug them.

I am well aware of the world of metal memes and music memes and sure, I was crushing on Opeth's former guitar player Peter Lindgren when I first started listening to the band when I was 15, but this stuff takes musician crushes to a completely new level... Maybe because I have never thought anything of Mikael Åkerfeld.... jeeeez he's like you're swedish metal uncle.... *shivers*

 Last one to top it all off:

Quoth the caption: Mikael above, Steven Below.

I'm out!
All memes found on Prog Snob.



  1. To be saying about Wilson the genius, that he's known for "moody" and "unexciting"??! Music... is somewhat rude and astonishing. Even if I wasn't as big of a fan as I am these days of that guy, I'd still tell you that Steven is capable of going into your insides and scramble them. It's ofc a taste matter.

    1. Yay, I am happy someone commented on that statement! I don't like Wilson too much, I think he's overrated. I don't think he's a bad musician, I think he has a beautiful voice and the early Porcupine Tree stuff are great prog numbers, but Wilson always felt kind of hypocritical to me with all the "moodyness" and melancholia. Eh, Opeth easily take that spot for me.

      And you will definitely find a lot of rude and astonishing statements on this blog ;)

    2. :)) I'll keep reading then.
      Opeth never worked for me, mainly because Akerfelds voice doesn't work with my ears so much. I've honestly tried but couldn't endure it.

    3. Haha, completely opposite opinions here XD