18 December 2016

Film Reviews: Fantastic Beasts, American Honey & more...

I have the feeling I've been watching so many movies lately. I also recently went to the cinema alone, we can cross that off the "things to do before you're 30 and such" list.

1. The Lone Ranger

Ok so when this movie came out and after it received all those horrible reviews I had no intention of ever watching it. A movie with Johnny Depp that's supposed to be bad, why add insult to injury? But I found myself home alone one evening and really wanted to watch something with a dark western atmosphere to it, another Deadman if you will, but not so calm and moody perhaps.
After reading some of the very positive comments on youtube I watched The Lone Ranger and didn't regret it one bit. It's anything but a dark western - it's just a comedy, people! Seriously, the trailer is so misleading!
It had so many hilarious moments where I was laughing like crazy. The setting is beautiful, the music is cool and it's basically an action flick allowing Johnny Depp to play himself all the time (that's why we love him, right?). I recommend this movie a lot for some good laughs and a positive, western heroic vibe.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Of course it's all over the theaters and I had to see the next Harry Potter related film! Even though I consider both main characters to be a bit underdeveloped (with all my love for Eddie Redmaybe), this movie was a lot of fun. There was action, awesome fantastic beasts and a glimpse into a different wizarding world, the latter being my favorite part. I loved the plot too - suppressing your magical powers will erupt in a big, dark, depressing black mass. I could queer that part of the film easily. The 20s theme was also charming, so just go and watch the damn thing!
Spoiler!!! Spoiler ahead!!!
Sadly the most wtf part of the movie was the revealing that the bad guy is.... Johnny Depp! Did he really have to be in the film for that 1 minute? Did he?

3. Inside Out

Somehow I missed that Pixar movie, so Boris and I sat down one evening for some animation fun. Well, the title doesn't lie, cause we very much felt "inside out" after watching this one. This is basically a crash course in psychology for the whole family. You can analyse the kid to such depths you end up asking yourself if this movie is fit for kids at all. And inevitably, you analyse yourself, your childhood and how it affected your adulthood and how things can turn a lot darker than what the movie depicts. On top of it all you are left with hope, just like the little Joy character in the kid's head, and that if all fails you will always have a little fairy-like character telling you you're the best who will love you no matter what.
Boris and I were crying like crazy through the entire film and a bit afterwards. I think I actually broke my record and cried after a short 1 minute of the movie's start.

4. Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Enough with the crying, time to get tough and mighty! I can't believe I've never seen this one either. Aside from being a nice documentary about the history of metal music, it was endearing to watch interviews with musicians who are no more - Dio and Lemmy. It's also very contemporary to it's time, and the year 2005 is being given away by Cradle of Filth, Slipknot and Korn albums populating the stands at Waken: people having their hair colored red/black, girls wearing crop tops and black cargo pants. It was mostly a movie encapsulating a period of time where - in comparison to the years to follow - metal was at its peak.
The interviews with Mayhem and Gorgoroth were the highlight for me.

5. American Honey

Another new film I was very eager to watch. I thought this was going to be a Spring Breakers copy (loved that film btw) but I think American Honey had a lot more depth. It's not just about a poor girl going down the criminal road to get some money to have fun. It's about a different kind of poverty - a social one; trying to find a new family, a place to belong and fill the spaces that were previously hollow.
I admit the ending was underwhelming and it didn't feel like a proper ending to me, but the film is beautifully shot and is relatable on many levels.
I would also like to note the music - trap/hip hop was mostly used, like those songs about being swag, nobody's bitch, a badass... yet it reeked of desperation at the same time, and it was the combination of the 2 for me through the entire film. It left me with a lot to think about.



  1. I've seen only 'Fantastic Beasts' from your list. Plotholes, plotholes everywhere, but I enjoyed the atmosphere. This movie captured 20s America perfectly (and poked subtly at its prejudices and bigotry, prevalent to this day), it was also the era of Prohibition and it showed! I also loved magical art deco architecture and costumes, especially those of the president Seraphina and flapper dresses of both sisters. And I was relieved to see a Polish guy wasn't thrown there only to serve as a laughing stock :D

    1. The muggle character was my favorite, after Queenie. I loved the style of the movie too and I think in some places it tried compensating plot holes with action scenes, but I was expecting a lot of action scenes in there, so it wasn't surprising. I love how they showed the magical world of new york, it's what I wanted to see most.

  2. Ugh I can't see Johnny Depp anymore. He's terrible now... Just every time I see him, I roll my eyes. You can guess what my least favorite part of fantastic beasts was lol. But I loved it otherwise. I didn't see it in 3d and so there were some oooh-aaah moments that went on too long, but I loved the 1920s look and the actors were perfectly cast.

    1. Tell me about it. He used to be my favorite actor :/

  3. I have to admit I still haven't seen The Lone Ranger, but now I probably must! ^_^

    Oh, and I have to mention that every time I see the words "lone ranger", I instantly think of the saying "It's important to know the difference between a lone ranger and a deranged loner." :D

    1. I think if I were in my early teens I would have found the movie even cooler ;)