14 December 2016

Latest Fav Pop Tracks

I really enjoy writing about music lately, and I would really like to take you all on this little pop music playlist with me. That's right, I wasn't going to stay in music geek territory for long with all the snobbish progressive rock rants going on, but if it makes you feel any better - I am listening to Watain while writing this post.

Time to get my big genre-diversity guns out. I love pop music, very little in it repels me. I've loved pop music since I was a kid, loved to watch all the music videos on MTV, and I still do. There's something in keeping up with mainstream music and videos that makes me feel like I'm staying up to date with the current generation. If I don't do it I feel completely alienated. Hello, I am not going to sit here and not know what Lady Gaga wore to the Grammys!

Furthermore, I love listening to pop music when I'm in a good or perky mood. Following the current charts is not exactly my thing, but I am aware of some current hits. But it's the songs from my teenage years that I enjoy most, c.a pre-2010s. That's why some of the tracks on this post won't be the latest thing in pop music, so don't expect too much.

Usually 3 songs by one artist is the amount I can take. I think what I dislike most about pop music (you know, aside from everything else..) is that 99.9% of the song is dedicated to vocals, and it's just plain boring.

1. Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer

I think many people, especially girls, can identify with Demi Lovato - her voice is amazing and for a change she looks like a real human being. Seriously, her body is perfect! And this song is an example how she tries to empower girls to be strong, independent and sexually confident. I think this song is sexy and talks about sexual fluidity in a very intimate yet fun way. I also think the composition is great, the climax (pun intended) in the song gave me chills and you can totally hear some 80s influences there with how the drums sound. I also recommend checking out this live version of Cool For The Summer - fucking a, she has a band on stage (that drummer though!), doesn't sing with playback, it's a great performance! Body Say is also quite the sex song....

2. M.I.A - Bad Girls

This is another example of a badass female pop (hip hop?) artist. I haven't heard many songs by M.I.A aside from Paper Planes but when I stumbled across this I loved it instantly. I am a sucker for middle eastern melodies in hip hop music, that's the only way I can tolerate this genre in the first place. I love M.I.A's voice a lot and I loved the video too, even though I am completely oblivious to why people in traditional muslim attire need to drift in second rate cars... it all kind of resembled one of those "people are awesome" videos. Unfortunately I was reminded of this number and it got me concerned. Maybe I don't really "get it" lol, but I still love the video and the song.

3. Odie - Catch Up

The only male entry on the list hehe.  I don't know how much this song is actually popular, I heard it in a black girl's makeup tutorial and had to know who the artist was. A lot of the elements of the song remind me of trip hop, which is a great genre. I love the singer's voice and the lyrics of this song are very realistic yet poetic at the same time. I was really happy to find this song, if you know anything similar let me know!

4. Rihanna - Man Down

Here we go down memory lane. I love Rihanna, I love most of her hits despite surviving the Umbrella epidemic with difficulty. I think Rihanna really made sense to me when she did a reggae song. Even Boris loved this song, and we both would die for Rihanna to make a full reggage album, omg that would be amazing!!!

5. Britney Spears - Slumber Party

Saved the best for last. I don't think it will surprise you that I grew up with Britney and looked up to her when I was a kid (and then Christina Aguilera came along with her Dirrty video and things changed...), but what will surprise you is that I owned a copy of Britney's book Heart To Heart as a kid as well.
I think we can all agree that Britney has been in a rut the past years. Her videos were not inspiring and she looked tired. I definitely agreed with most fans after seeing this video that she looks amazing again, you can really see the fire in her eyes in the video and the song is really good, sexy and has a "feel good" vibe to it. Britney at her finest, watching this video makes me feel great!

I do love me some Melanie Martinez and early Lady Gaga here and there, but let's save it for the next list.
Do you like some of the songs on here? Bet you love pop music too, I know you.



  1. Ough, I can't stand Rihanna, her voice and singing manner just repel me (but I'm repelled even more by another black superstar, I forgot her name, pink hair and twerking). But Aguilera's 'Dirrty'? BOY. I even gave trousers based on this video to one of my OC's.

    1. You mean Nicki Minaj XD and yes she's stupid.
      YAAAS Xtina!!! Still a huge fan of that video...

  2. I can't stand top 40 stuff...never could. but I do love the mainstream club music of the 90s-00s: Tiesto, ATB, Ian van Dahl, Aqua, Paul Oakenfold, etc. At the time I was like "ugh put some industrial on" but secretly loved it the whole time. I still love it...I'm listening to Castles in the Sky now...yep, it's the best.

    1. I definitely find 90s club music the worst. There are some gems here and there but mostly it just sounds to cheesy and trashy XD maybe I can stand Eurodance a bit more, perhaps after a few drinks lol